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Does Bioware support griefing on PvP servers?

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Does Bioware support griefing on PvP servers?

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02.10.2012 , 06:19 PM | #71
while i don't agree with the whining, I do think that people should at least be able to have some protection like turrets, that's just common sense

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02.10.2012 , 06:21 PM | #72

Somebody died on a PvP server!
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02.10.2012 , 06:29 PM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by Mapache View Post
Level 50's camping noob quest hubs is NOT PvP.
With all respect, yes it is PVP. PVP servers have always been the haven of hardcore players who love to fight and at the opposite end the softcore players who like to beat up lower level players on a regular basis. That said, you DID choose to level on a PVP server and thus you will be subject to numerous drive by gankings. I like a good fight and have no interest in harassing lowbies per se, but that will not stop me from toasting the occasional lowby I encounter in my travels. It makes things much more exciting for everyone than a "hands off until level 30/40/50" sign.

Welcome to MMO PVP
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02.10.2012 , 06:35 PM | #74
Clearly the OP is a PvE player so go play on the PvE servers. It's people like you that ruin MMO's for PvPers. SWTOR is already a mess in PvP with virtually no crossover so we never see the enemy and the base guards have 102k HP even on tatooine, the whole game stinks of carebearitus.

Millions of people played WOW for the great fun in world pvp. Level 50 ganks level 20, level 20 gets m8's who gank level 50 and cc him. level 50 gets m8 to gank level 20's m8 and 20 mins later the whole zone is at war. This happened hundreds of times on my server in vanilla wow, it was the best gaming experience I have ever had.

SWTOR could have had this if the Devs had a clue, if anything it needs opening up more to encourage this kind of thing. So kindly go to the place designated for you, it's called a PvE server.

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02.10.2012 , 06:41 PM | #75
Quote: Originally Posted by Mapache View Post
Me and my guild joined a PvP server to PvP, yes, that's established. But we did so in good faith since Bioware assured us that they would implement measures to prevent griefing even on PvP servers... so where are these preventions? PvP server rulesets actually promote griefing on PvP servers.

Level 50's can go to Nar Shaddaa, Hoth, Alderaan, and Tatooine to just name a few and go INSIDE quest hubs, wait for questers to get off taxis, then slaughter them, they respawn there at the base, they kill them again, corpse camp, and repeat until they get some kind of help, map, or log out. Really Bioware? Just about every day I log on there are 50's inside Aurek base on Hoth waiting for people (usually lvl 40's) to come out of the spaceport, then they gank them. Seriously? There is no chance for a couple 40's to fight a group of 50's in this game, especially with the accuracy differential. PvP servers should not promote griefing. Enemy factions should NOT be able to go INSIDE enemy quest hubs/taxi locations. I'm really still scratching my head on this one.

Where are the level 50 one-shot turrets around factioned quest hubs to prevent this like in other MMO's? Why can't low-levels actually HIT level 50's in pvp? Why is there such a huge accuracy differential in PvP, I can understand it being there for PvE, but PvP too? Lower level players 10+ have absolutely no chance to defend themselves against players 10 or more levels higher, even in large groups, one 50 with high defense can take out a party of 30's. And what's worse, they can't even escape on their speeders due to 50's having a 20% faster speeder. Do I like PvP? Yes, but I don't like griefing and ya'll said there would be things in the game to prevent griefing... what things?

Here are my ideas for fixing PvP on PvP servers, and I think there'd be a lot more happy players if you implemented these ideas.
  • Remove the accuracy debuff on lower-level players so they can actually defend themselves against 50's. Accuracy should be based on stats, not level. They will probably die anyways, but at least 10 level 20's will actually stand a chance against 1 50.
  • Add level 50 Champion one-shot turrets and stealth detection fields to all Taxi Locations to prevent taxi/spawn camping
  • Give players the ability to buy some kind of "Treaty Badge" on PvP servers that prevents players from attacking or being attacked in open world PvP for 24 hrs but it does not work in Warzones or Ilum. Alternatively, this badge could be a permanent open-world protection from attack from enemy players 8 or more levels higher.

This is nothing but whining. PVP servers are for PVP. The PVP system is not broken. Its working as intended.

The main issue we are having with the game is persons such as yourself complaining on the forums because they get beat. It sounds like it happens more in your case, but don't feel alone the forum is full of whiners. So solution is suck it up, grind out your gear, L2P, or re-roll on a PVE server.