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Lv44 Sgt Jaxo *major spoilers*

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Lv44 Sgt Jaxo *major spoilers*

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01.08.2012 , 07:31 AM | #1

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01.08.2012 , 08:22 AM | #2
I'm a total dark sider, and that was probably the only time I wanted to make a light side choice.


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01.08.2012 , 08:55 AM | #3
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01.08.2012 , 09:09 AM | #4
Holy **** is it really -400 from Elara??????? holy....****
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01.08.2012 , 09:14 AM | #5
This quest was the first time I went to Torhead to read all of the possible outcomes.


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01.08.2012 , 09:19 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenmuir View Post
This quest was the first time I went to Torhead to read all of the possible outcomes.


Edit - Here is the letter.

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01.08.2012 , 02:12 PM | #7
Ive been stuck on this quest for many days now..Just cant bring myself to make the choice.Obviously I feel that saving the 300 soilders would be the right choice but I start the convo and she starts begging and I just gotta turn the game off.Its aweful.Thinking im just gonna take the darkside points and negative affection.
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01.08.2012 , 02:57 PM | #8
You can avoid a lot of the negative affection by switching out Elara for Vik during the dark side decision. Also, when you first get on your ship after the battle, you can travel to a planet and take the holocall from Jaxo sans Elara off the ship. I lost absolutely no affection with Elara doing it this way.
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01.08.2012 , 03:03 PM | #9
Get gifts, looooooooooooooooooooooots of gifts.
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01.08.2012 , 04:42 PM | #10
I saved Jaxo and gained affection in the process like a BAWS! Switched Elara with Jorgen )
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