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TZ-27 Annihilator Droid - Belsavis

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Shadow / Assassin
TZ-27 Annihilator Droid - Belsavis

darylruss's Avatar

06.04.2015 , 08:05 AM | #31
Excellent advice. After dying numerous times I tried running away after it drew me in close with it's coils. Was able to avoid all its AOE without taking any damage. With that, killing it was easy enough.
Had Therran with me for heals and use Heroic Moment as back up.

Didn't think I'd be able to take this monster down.

Pharlanghan's Avatar

07.31.2015 , 06:46 AM | #32
Hello, more of expecting a typical easy tank and spank or some stupid time wasting fight and got caught not paying attention... but this one is pretty easy once you see what's going on. Easier than that Sidonie lady who handed me me arse a couple times before I got it

Make sure mods are leveled up, I had level 16 mods and was level 41 infiltration at the time. The AOE (if you don't get out of the area) hits for like 3000+ so if you're undergeared... but you should have no problem if you follow the instructions posted above.

Use the healer pet. Make sure you keybind the pet attack/passive actions. If you follow the tactics of the post above you shouldn't even have much damage anyway when you're finished.

NB: The radius of the AOE is rather large, Force Speed out to the room entrance. I might mention there is an extra gold mob in one of the corners... so, uh, clear the room first or you might have more company

Laphoon's Avatar

06.23.2018 , 01:24 PM | #33
Yes, these forums are a great relief sometimes, when you are in the game and feel all stuck, like in Attis station on Quesh, or with Blaesus in Waypoint Station Three, or now lately ( about three years after you, guys) - with TZ-27 on Belsavis.
Run away and put the companion on "passive" made it !!
And then attack again, as many times you can.
And whatever you do: do not attack TZ-27 from behind. He'll **** you down hard.