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[Guide] Juggernaut Guide to PVP, PVE, Leveling - Updated for 1.2

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[Guide] Juggernaut Guide to PVP, PVE, Leveling - Updated for 1.2

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01.07.2012 , 06:05 PM | #1
Updated 4-21-2012

Updated for 1.2 !!

This guide is primarily for people who are familiar with SWTOR or MMOís in general, and what Iíve done is try to hit on every key point that I feel there might be some issue about given the nature of the posts found in the juggernaut forum.

For a really in depth tanking guide, look at Phottek stickied up above.

See below for Zerbak's guide to Immortal PVP.

Main Sections

2. The Three Trees and Leveling with them, rotations

3. General Leveling Tips & Flashpoint Tips.

4. Raiding EV normal tips. - Explosive Content coming soon!

5. PVP, WZ and Gearing Advice.

6. Level 50 Specs, End Game Rage PvE, and PVP, Conclusion

MyJuggernaut Rage Channel, PvE & PvP
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01.07.2012 , 06:06 PM | #2

Quick notes--

Some things to remember when comparing classes who have an ďeasierĒ time of leveling:
In many cases they likely do
Other classes reach the ďholy trinityĒ of mmoís easier, i.e. healer, tank and DPS given that poor DPS or heals is all that is required for 97% of leveling (for any game) to be irrelevantly easy.

I leveled a jugg and marauder pre 1.2, so I may be incorrect on some small point. I'll catch it eventually and if you're 100% certain I'm wrong, contribute to the thread and I'll update!

Anything I say here is my opinion. If you want to level 1-50 as immortal or whatever, 15-15-11 be my guest.

The Three Trees Ė

Leveling as Vengeance Ė The Preferred way to level to 35 in 1.2

Vengeance Build order picture

This is the preferred way to level if you donít think you will do many flash points, but you can still tank a flash point as this spec. It doesnít really matter what spec you are for low level flash points, you wonít hold aggro over anyone good at doing DPS, but that is to be expected.

Be proactive and make sure people in your group focus down normal mobs on their own, as you tank the strong\elite that isnít CCíd and hold that aggro.

You get taunt at level 16, if youíre tanking before that be prepared to not hold aggro, as we are very gear based when it comes to threat generation.

A nice rotation is Charge - > Smash (with no cc going out, or no cc near you in a flash point) Sundering assault - > Force Scream or Ravage

With 1.2 I'm of the opinion that Vengeance is the way to level.

Levels 35+ Ė Vengeance, Immortal or Rage
**NOTE** Choose the style that fits you, Rage is burst, Vengeance is consistent damage and nice mitigation, Immortal relies more on companion DPS and control.

a. Immortal Ė Put Guard on your Companion!

Immortal at 35 Spec.
At 25 you can get Force Grip in immortal, meaning you can run around while a mob is choking and rage is building, and in 5 more levels you get backhand, an all purposes stun that works on anything except *Boss* mobs, and sonic barrier which is basically a free heal every 12 seconds.

Personally I leveled here as immortal, did decent damage and let Vette do a ton of damage. Gearing her up to do damage is extremely important. Implants (since she starts with none) and better weapons is a must. Do not waste mission rewards on gear for her, either try the GTN, have a friend make you some, or equip from drops you see while leveling.

A nice rotation is Enrage - > Charge - > Smash - > *Choke Strong (situational) - > Force Scream - > Ravage -> Sundering Assault -> Repeat via Force Push if you need.

Save Backhand for when you switch to the strong after you Charge - > Savage kick a normal.
Backhand the strong and Ravage the last normal assuming a group of 3 normals and a strong. Vette can easily solo 2-3 normals.

Charge - > Savage Kick comes later at 34, and feel free to bind this now as I did, but at 50 I click this when Iím doing a quest, as it is situational enough that I donít want to waste a good binding ( I rebind for flashpoints )

b. Vengeance Ė Quinn, Vette, Jaessa

Vengeance at 35 Spec.

At this level you get Impale and part of the ravage cooldown ability (Rampage)

Making good use of Force Push and groups that are spread apart for your Unstoppable buff is a must to have less downtime.

Your rotation is very similar to the above, I tend to Ch->SK a normal, Smash - > Ravage another and then Impale the last, then kill the strong.

For companions, if you can gear him then Quinn is nice, if youíre poor Vette is best and if you can get a moddable saber and some gear, Jaessa does a ton of damage and can tank a strong until you kill the normal(s).

c. RageĖ Quinn, Vette, Jaessa - Personally I'd go with Vette in AOE mode.

Rage at 35 Spec.
From here you want to spend your next points in finishing out Rage to the 31 point talent.

As you can tell you could probably transition to Rage any time you're 27 or 28 as at that point you get Shockwave, which builds the stack that make smash hit 2x as hard.

Unfortunately at this point you can only do this with Force Choke, what I tend to term the primer move, AKA Force Choke primes your smash to hit 2x as hard, and Force Charge or Obliterate primes it to automatically crit. In reality you don't want to make this switch until you'fe level 31, and can pick up "Empowering Rage"

Guaranteeing yourself a crit on Smash should be enough to farm without any issue those tough groups of 1 strong + 3-4 normals.

The rotation I would use is Force Charge the Strong, Force Choke the strong while all the mobs are beating on you, Smash and then clean up. Between you and Vette everything should be dead in very, very short order.

So Enrage -> Charge - > Choke Strong*(any mob will work, but best on strong) - > Smash - > Force Scream any ranged mob outside of Melee range.

Levels 41+ Rage.

This is my preference for these levels, for PvE and PVP. Rage was balanced downwards a bit and so far in the gear I can use, vengeance is higher DPS on the operations dummy (~1300 as Vengeace vs ~1250 as Rage- Stim and warrior buff the only buffs present)

End Game PvE, PvP Rage in post 6. - End game Vengeance coming soon.

The rotation stays the same as specified above, except you now have Force Crush, which means every single pack you fight you can do the rotation outlined above. Having either Rage (low level) or Adept enhancements (35+) will make you hit so hard that mobs just explode.

This spec works just fine tanking as well. You want to make sure you charge or enrage for every pull, as you sacrifice the latent rage generation present in Immortal builds, but one crit smash and you will never lose aggro again.

If you plan to level at all playing PVP above 41 this is the spec to go. All the ways to get medals that you do as an Immortal spec you can easily do as this spec. Next time people are all dpsíing someone near you, say 4-6 people, just threatening taunt -> intercede on that target and watch the medals roll in.

Some notes on trinket use

You want to have a power trinket, and trinkets in SWTOR apply to anything currently done or being done by your character. For instance if you Force Crush and it normally hits for
200, 200, 200, 200, 520.

If you use your power trinket after casting Force Crush it would look like this
200, 200, 220, 220, 600

If you prefer Vengeance at 40, it would look like this
Vengeance at 40 Spec.

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01.07.2012 , 06:07 PM | #3
Some overall leveling tips.

Do not be afraid to shield wall early and often. Itís a three minute CD, its up ALL the time. I come from vanilla WoW warrior leveling and have that ďzomg 30 minute CDĒ mentality and so I still am hesitant to blow it at the start of what I think will be a tough fight ( non-elite fight) , in case I need it next fight.

A moddable Light Saber is a must, find green artifice hilts and you instantly have the best weapon at that level ( even better with blue or purple quality hilts ).

Always- ALWAYS use your Channel Hatred out of combat health regen after every fight. When you beat a class quest elite, just click eat. I donít care how awesome or epic the movie or fight just was. Click your Channel Hatred.

Always have a few pots on you. You generally donít need this with endure pain ( level 28) and I canít tell you how many fights I ended with 1 health, when EP goes away all that health is lost with you retaining 1 health. Still, having that pot for when an elite has a strange ability, ie elemental bleed damage that will absolutely tear you up, these help a ton.

General Flash point tips.

If you did not play Vanilla WoW as a warrior, then these mechanics may seem strange to you. Basically when you taunt a mob, you gain 110% of the threat of the DPS or healer that had aggro before you taunted. Generally aggro or dps is built on a linear curve with spikes and valleys. So 150 Aggro means when you taunt you are now granted 165 aggro. 2480 aggro when taunted grants 2728 aggro and so on.

Crushing Blow and Backhand are both now true spike threat moves, and should be used immediately after a taunt.

TLDR: Mors what do I do?

Long and short let the dps tank if they pull aggro for about 2-3 seconds, they will not die. Build your rage and then taunt (use judgment on this amount of time) and when you taunt - > chain high damage\threat abilities and you wonít lose threat again. This may seem counter intuitive but it is FAR, FAR better than taunting immediately and losing threat again soon after, and being SOL for 13 seconds. Why is it more beneficial to wait? Simply put 10% of a bigger number is a bigger number. For anyone who didnít get my joke, 2300 *1.10 (2530) low rage low threat potential vs. waiting 3 seconds building rage, taunting 3800 t*1.10 (4180) into high threat moves. This also satisfies the linear building of aggro with spikes and valleys gap for your DPS.

Right now our limitation is our AOE threat ability, which is really poor, and our single target which is decent once we can get going and DPS lays off a few seconds. With 1.2 threat generation has been adressed, but we unfortunately lost our best rapid aoe threat move (Threatening scream CD reduction from talents removed)

People may not understand how your class works, but trust me you can DPS in a heroic as Rage or Vengeance, anyone who says differently and wonít listen to reason probably isnít worth dealing with anyways. However, mentioning that you can tank is always a plus. Why roll this class if you never want to tank?

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01.07.2012 , 06:07 PM | #4
Eternity Vault Ė

Annihilation Droid

This boss is fairly straight forward. He doesnít move and has three abilities. He does a knock back every 15-20 seconds. If you position yourself where you can be knocked into the corner of the wall\door that is behind him to an angle, you can immediately charge back in. If there is a way to avoid that I havenít found it.

His second ability is a targeted ground strike (red reticle) that is easily avoided. You need to move about 1\2 the distance of the diameter of the circle outside of it to make sure you arenít hit at a minimum. The entire raid is targeted in a random fashion and move to avoid them.

Strategy 1 -
His last ability is his Missile Salvo. This ability he hunkers down and begins to chain fire rockets at the entire raid. They, the raid, should be positioned near the droid gun pillars you killed right before the boss. Intercede to a dps\healer to get out of LOS.

This usually lasts about 12-15 seconds, youíll get a feel for it very quick and I normally charge back in while heís firing his last 1-2 missiles.

Strategy 2-
Group up on his butt and use AOE heals and any raid cooldowns like the sniper CD to just soak the damage, and increase DPS uptime on the boss. Even if people come out of this phase at 20% there is about a 10 second window where he does nothing while he stands up. Use this time to stay bunched for more aoe heals and then break to your spots ( besides the MT who should move quickly to a spot away from the Raid )

Gharj Ė

This boss starts on an island and there are rocks leading up to him. These will disappear shortly after the fight begins. He has three abilities, one of which doesnít concern the tank, its an AOE knockback that knocks you to the ground, but you can still use all abilities.

He has a casted ability called Pounce which is based on proximity to him, so be sure to move out when he is casting that, you want to be farther than 30 yards to minimize damage, but I usually go about 20 out and charge back in.

His last ability will shake the ground and make new steps appear to another island. If this appears where you are tanking him, be sure to avoid running through his model, or the black circle in the ground under him ( this especially goes for everyone else in the raid ).

When you get to the next island position yourself away from everyone else, and try to saber throw at him if within range, otherwise be spamming taunt just in case. He will jump over and stun you, Unleash should be up for every other one of these, if not all of them.

Loot boss of the Puzzle clicky thingy Ė

This is one of the toughest encounters ever designed.

Duel of the fates Ė

This encounter isnít tough per se, but everyone needs to be on their game. If youíre tank specíd throw on a few DPS pieces that have more STR, Surge as you will barely take any damage. Make sure you to use your damage abilities on CD, keep 5 stacks of sunder so Crushing Blow does max damage.

The Soa encounter Ė

First begin by zooming your camera out to at least 80% for phase 3. Personally Iím at 100%.

Phase 1
This boss has the few tough mechanics involved in EV. First phase, is a DPS burn to 75%, he puts up blue glowy stuff on the lanterns in the outside ring, ranged and healers should avoid.

Phase 2
At 75% he goes to phase 2, and the first phase of the fall down the levels boss. My job on this fight is usually the beacon everyone follows as they fall down. A good rule of thumb is that if it looks too far, the platform God will provide one for you shortly. You usually have a pause no matter how fast or slow you go every 3-4 platforms, this is where AOE heals are dropped on the group. Wait until the heal glow disappears then move on. Repeat until on the bottom.

At the middle platform for Phase 2 he now casts Mindtrap (ignores tank? So far for me yes) on a raid member. If itís on a healer use your cool downs, keep dpsing him but DPS will be hitting mindtraps so aggro shouldnít be as hard to hold. Now is a nice time to saber throw the mindtraps if you can manage it to help out, and intercede low people.

At 30% begins the second fall down the levels boss. Same procedure as before. I have transitioned at 30% with a mindtrap up, so try to coordinate that as the person is either stuck inside or will fall to their death at the bottom. Not a huge deal but should be avoided. As the tank on the boss, make sure youíre calling out what % he is at.

Phase 3
Phase 3 is the only tough part for the tank. As you pick up the boss when he drops to the bottom you want to make sure you have aggro, do a taunt - > sunder - > force scream and then begin searching the room for the floating and spinning upside down triangle\obleisk that comes from the walls of the room.

When you see it, make sure you have your camera directly above you with 0 degrees of angle. This makes it easy to spot where the spinning yellow will fall on the ground. You donít want to stand in that but have the boss near where it drops. It seems to be pretty liberal but if youíre not close enough he wont get stunned, and remove his immunity shield.

Should you miss even 1 of these, you most likely will wipe due to mindtrap issues or enrage issues (for most freshly to some heroic geared 50ís).

Itís about 10 seconds from when the yellow spinning item stops moving that it drops, make sure to call out for your DPS to switch to him and start DPSing. Congrats on Tier 2!

Explosive Content - Juggernaut write up - Coming Soon!

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01.07.2012 , 06:08 PM | #5
All specs will be linked down below.

PVP, WZ and Gearing Advice.

Juggernaut can spec for PVP in a couple of ways. If you think you will always be running the flag and have a healer queing with you, you might try a hybrid spec. If you primarily want to protect people, do an ok amount of damage, you can be immortal specíd. You will be nigh unkillable solo, 1v2, or even 1v3 situations with chain CDís until help shows up. However, you arenít survivable to the point that it is viable over killing people 4 times as fast.

For that you would spec Rage. I PVPíd extensively as Vengeance and while it is a nice spec, and has some talents that make me cry I canít get while being 31 in the Rage Tree, ultimately the versatility of the Rage Tree makes it superior for all things but Running the flag in huttball, and being anti 4 Inquisitor ( 3 sorcs 1 assassin etc etc any combo ) flag running teams.

Some notes about Rage gearing. You want Power as your primary stat. I say that because EVERY piece of gear has STR on it, so saying thatís our best stat is a bit redundant. But specifically to Rage, its major attacks are based on Kinetic damage (aka Force damage). So when gearing you need to examine the pieces individually.

Just know that an equivalent value of power is more valuable than STR for this spec. Gearing with this in mind I generally hit for 5k to 5750 with my trinket rolling, and 6300-6850 with the PVP red buff. Iím not biochem nor do I buy the pvp consumable, but presumably youíd get into the high 7k range with those.

This spec is about your mobility in relation to a target's mobility, not your overall mobility in the course of the game. People who complain about being rooted, and I rage just as much as the next guy when Iím playing, need to realize this is a fundamental balance inherent in these games required to be fair. That is not to say that Sniper behind cover beating on you with literally nothing you can do about it is always cool, but that might be called their unique skill set.

Sorcerers who do the same or more damage than you and have a 4k shield, and a very low CD knock back\ knock off can definitely get frustrating. If you find yourself wanting to kill those people (specifically Sorcs ) above all else a hybrid Rage\ Venge build or Vengeance build is the way to go. Personally I just use positioning to thwart that move after I charge up to them.

Once you get the 4 piece PVP set your basic fight should go something like this, Enrage on the run to the player targeted, Force Crush as soon as youíre in range. Roll your trinket. Can force grip if they blow a CD to run, or Ravage if they have a shield up. Force Push - > Charge - > Smash - > Force scream. This will get anyone in any gear to sub 20% except a class with shield wall up. From there I usually Obliterate and interrupt and run around them auto attacking and Vicious Slashing until Smash is off CD.

That is a basic tutorial, Iím sure there are many things you will learn only from playing 50-75 matches with the spec.

Gearing Advice

In 1.2, expertise is now the best stat we can get for PVP. In the end we will end up buying each of the set pieces, Helm, Chest, Legs, Hands, Feet along with 4 additional hands for their Mod slot mod (51 str 39 power). Depending on how PvE gearing is, we might want even more of these for each slot on our PvE gear.

I have not been grinding out my gear a lot, but after I bought the hands, clearly the best upgrade available for the price, I'm now debating my next purchase. I can say that while it isn't as sexy as buying another Set piece, the Ear piece and implants are itemized incredibly well. Assuming most of you were using a Champion Ear like I was, those might be the next 3 items I get, two implants and an Ear.

Assuming you have 2\2 Dreadnaught then the quick way to judge items is that each point of power gives you .23 bonus damage, and each point of strength .212 bonus damage ( and a small amount of crit ).

Specific Warzone Tips


With 1.2 its no longer the best strategy to try to reach the ball first, instead try to control the carrier and do damage to him\position him with choke or push into a spot for your entire team to DPS him down. If enough of your team is on the ball carrier, go and CC their healers or kill them.

Should the ball be ahead of you, going to score on their end, do not go out of your way to kill the DPS behind as this is a free port to defend the goal line if they're lucky and you are not with the respawn timer.

A force push from any part of the upper platforms has a very good chance for that person to land on their goal line area. Be cognoscente of this and use it to your advantage.


Given how this battleground works, there is zero point to defending one node if you only hold one. It's more productive, in my opinion, to be assaulting the other two held by the enemy team. It is easy to see the enemy making for your undefended node given the open nature of the WZ.

Juggernauts are the best interceptors, if you have a lead go and stand equidistant between the two nodes you own and be ready to reinforce or intercept the enemy.

Don't be afraid on defense to kite around the building or to break LOS and use your Intimidating Roar to stop the enemy while you wait for reinforcements. I can't tell you how often I'm able to LOS and force the enemy to bunch up and I fear 3-4 of them and we then hold the node. I likely die, but mission accomplished.


This WZ is unchanged. You will always play Republic who will likely have an advantage in that they play this WZ a lot while you (vs a Republic team) will have the advantage on Huttball. As a DPS jugg you're one if not the best people in a 2 man team to take\guard a side node in the initial rush.

Personally I always take Snow ( we name the nodes Snow, Grass, Mid) and then hit mid if we haven't taken Mid.

In this particular WZ, if you don't have healers, or more than one, you will likely lose to the team that has 2, or has two premades.


You can now play Empire teams on this WZ. I find it advantageous to always keep an eye on the med consumable on the far sides of the doors, as often kiting and living can mean the difference between a plant and not.

When a door is being planted, if you do not have a CC up ( your Intimidating Road, or Force push for one enemy) do not do anything, do not DPS them. Let someone else attempt to CC the player, as you won't kill them before they auto attack or hit the planter, but you might screw up perfect CC.

if your team has one healer, your job is to guard\intercede and defend the healer from their DPS especially melee. A healer that can live means you will likely end up planting on the door. One you plant on the door try to kill all the enemy you see until there is about 4 seconds left, and then ignore them. If you can get ahead of them you might be able to plant on the second door before they can even make it there.

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01.07.2012 , 06:08 PM | #6
Rage PvE (a lot of this applies in PvP)

One thing I want to start off with, anything I say here is something that Iíve tested in game, and have a reason or theory behind what Iím saying, and where I can I will lay this out for anyone reading this. That is not to say that something in here will be 100% right or wrong forever, or once we have better tools to analyze DPS in general, and specifically operation DPS, but generally you can take what I say as a loose guideline at the very least.

Stat priorities (as of 1.2), and Gear selection.

1. Power above all else. For example we have the choice between two deft mods. this holds true even at higher level mods

Deft mod 25A = 61 Str, 37 Endurance, 11 power
Deft mod 25 = 48 Str, 30 Endurance, 37 power

You can break that down to roughly Deft 25A = 23 power and Deft 25 = 47 power. Now strength does give us crit, but this is so negligible, I think, for all builds not just Rage, that itís more or less pointless. However rage with auto crit on smash I find it even less valuable.

2. We want surge up to around 275-300 where it begins to really steeply level off through diminishing returns. This leads us to several interesting dilemmas:
1. You canít get Power without Surge on enhancements
2. The only Power enhancement besides Power\Surge is Power\Accuracy
3. Rage is primarily a Yellow hit monster, and Iíve never had a Ravage miss, so accuracy is basically awful (youíll end up with 4-5% accuracy on gear like implants\ears anyways).
4. With the advent of 1.1.4 our best enhancement is now Power\Accuracy for PvE given the dearth of options, and still Power\Surge for PVP. Our best mod is the aforementioned Deft 25 (24, 23Ö etc.)
Special Note
There is Reflective Enhancement, 18 stam, 39 shield, 27 crit 27 power. I have not done the math if this is our best enhancement ( I've yet to see a level 25 one, but assuming there was an equivalent to our current level 25 power\surge or power\accuracy enhancements, my suspicion is that it would be)


Currently I use 4 piece PvP gear re-moded as described above with Adept 24 enhancements as my PvE gear, primarily for the set bonuses, both of which are useful in raids. The Rakata Bonuses are awful in comparison.

I also use a Crit Crafted Artifice Relic of the Boundless Ages with an Augment slot, augmented with an Overkill 2, or 28 power augment. Your highest individual spell damage comes from having your matrix relic equipped, however you lose about 12 power for a chance every 4.5 seconds to hit for 300-400 damage, that can crit, with a trinket from Karaggas Palace.

For every decision I make on gear, it can summed up with:
Does this gear give me more power? If it doesnít its very likely not an upgrade.

Rotation or Priority List, and Spec

You want your spec to look something like this.


1. Force Crush* - > Charge\Oblit - > Smash - > Scream - > Sunder - > Ravage
*as you cast this you want to strafe so you can charge, you very easily can get this in before the GCD is up if you practice this
2. Force Choke - > Charge\Oblit - > Smash - > Scream - > Sunder - > Ravage

3. After Iíve done either rotation, and Ravage is coming off CD Iíll do this
Force Crush* - > Charge- > Smash - > Scream - > Ravage - > Sunder - > Choke

Typically in any 47 second window (the CD on Choke, or 54 sec for 4 Force Crushes ) you have 2-3 Ďgarbageí globals free. Saber throw, sunder, and vicious slash can all be used here as fillers.

Information of Note

Stance damage\single saber mastery issues appear to be resolved.

How Buffs Work

You want to have a power trinket, and trinkets in SWTOR apply to anything currently done or being done by your character. For instance if you Force Crush and it normally hits for
200, 200, 200, 200, 520.

If you use your power trinket after casting Force Crush it would look like this
200, 200, 220*, 220, 600 (*trinket used just before this tick)

If you're fighting an elite, or even in PvP, Force Crush on a target then trinketing into Force Choke is a huge amount of burst, especially if coupled with our 4 piece PvP set bonus, which is a flat 10% boost on damage.

This means that your power trinket + that boost is then applied to the damage already in progress.

This means that you can Force Crush - > Strafe into Charge or Force Push into Charge - > Use your power trinket while in Force Charge flight - > Force Choke - > Smash for an unreal amount of damage in that sequence. Or
Force Crush - > Strafe\Charge - > trinket in air - > Smash - > Scream.

Will this work every time? Of course not, other players might push you, or you might have positional lag, or something else. This ability hits hard enough that it has to have some skill to using it or it would be overpowered, as it currently is toeing that line in most situations.

The Rage spec as I see it for PVP

The Hybrid Flag running spec with good damage.

Our PVE Tank spec.
There are a lot of different ways you can spec now. This is the one I choose to go.


Iím sure Iíve missed something here or there, or that someone might come along and disagree with me on a point, or some fine point. However, it doesnít take much effort to discover what game I played before, and to what level (and I donít mean character level) I played it at. From this all I hope is that you take into consideration anything Iíve said and will see how useful it can be for you.

Thanks for reading.

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01.07.2012 , 06:21 PM | #7
Awesome post, bro.
Should be pinned.
ďA reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.
The man who never reads lives only one.Ē
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01.07.2012 , 07:21 PM | #8
Think im gonna respec for rage right now... it just seems counter intuitive to me... wouldnt a marauder do it just as well if not better than us?

Im lvl 47, just tried vengeance but have been all immortal since level 20 or so

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01.07.2012 , 07:39 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by WNxOmnicide View Post
Think im gonna respec for rage right now... it just seems counter intuitive to me... wouldnt a marauder do it just as well if not better than us?

Im lvl 47, just tried vengeance but have been all immortal since level 20 or so
They do, but, it's only the difference between awesome and slightly more awesome damage. I can't remember the last time i lost a fight to a 50 Marauder as rage spec yet, but to be fair I don't really come across that many geared ones yet.

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01.07.2012 , 11:30 PM | #10
awesome, thanks for the post! I switched from Vengeance tree to Rage at 30 (before reading this) so may have jumped the gun...but not rly regretting it! Can you include an order of how to go up the skill tree? At 36 now and have 6pts in Vengeance alrdy, think that's delaying my force crush by a bit, is it worth a respec?

I'm also only doing about 1.3k in PVE with my smash, this is with shockwave, I forget how much PvP, what can I do to max this out? Or do I need to get higher level first?