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Changing card info, what is going on?

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Changing card info, what is going on?

Sagejosh's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 03:49 AM | #1
Ok so i pre-ordered the game on origin, i have the order number and everything ready however my bank account was hacked. I had to get a new debit card because of this and called origin to change the info, they said because it was your game i had to call you.

I then called you guys, waited for like 20 minutes but its fine, the thing was I got a guy who looked up info and went to his manager because he couldnt find how to handle the problem, his manager said that it was Origin's problem because they are the product retailer, makes sense.

I then call Origin back up and explain the situation thus far to the CSR, he responds "nawww man that not right at all. we be getting calls like that all the time and the people over at bioware knows its they department and they just bein lazy. u gots to call them back." I then hung up in frustration.

so i have 2 companies telling me its the other's fault, whose job is it actually? The guy at EA sounded like he didnt know what was going on so it might have been that he just should be fired but the first person i called didnt give me any advice either. also the CSR from your company also sounded bewildered.

I also dont want my pre-order bonus items to be lost as well if i have to repurchase the game as well as lose the $5 pre order money i put down on it because no one knows what is going on.

can some one help me?

MarioNunn's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 04:02 AM | #2
Don't let Origin BS you, it's their problem since they're the distributor. They take your money (the $5 preorder fee, that's theirs) and then they are responsible for getting the software from BW/EA to distribute to you (hence the meaning of distributor). They then report to BW that we need X number of licenses, here's the money for those licenses.

As long as you've entered your preorder code, you will get EGA and your items but will not be able to play past the 20th until you receive your game code (which is distributed by Origin, not EA/BW). So rest easy my friend, you'll get to play eventually like most of us.