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Esseles Long, Low Population, 2-man XP Nerfs = /:D

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Esseles Long, Low Population, 2-man XP Nerfs = /:D

Contegra's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 10:55 AM | #1
Been playing Esseles on one of the second wave of servers (or is it third?) so population ranges from Standard to Light. On a Saturday, its a tough time trying to find a group for Esseles, and playing it quite a bit on different avatars, have a few observations:

1 - The XP, social points, and who knows what else (maybe credits, drops...) are a good two times for a 4-player group than they are for a 2-player group.

2 - When its hard to get a group, or at least a 4-player group even on a weekend, its a bit of a downer to think of going through the long Esseles session and knowing you're only going to get half the xp, and half the social points for the 2-player group you were able to scrounge up, when there's not enough players/interest for a 4-player group.

3 - As a non-Force user in a group of 3 other Force users, 99% of the drops on numerous runs are geared to Strength and Willpower. Are the drops not random? Or should I be looking to group with other Smugglers, to get more chance of Cunning drops? :/ *sarcasm*

4 - Even among levels 12-14, there's always someone in the group that doesn't use the space bar. Even had groups where 3 players are practically pleading with the known 4th player to space bar... can we get an indicator of "who's ready for the dialogue selection", so all players can at least see where the majority of the group is moving? If I see 3 other players ready for the next choice, I may just decide to speed it up. Though even when we had 3 players anxious to move forward at a better pace, players are always understanding if its a player's first time through - we're not idiots.

The biggest issue to me is that there's such a penalty for 2-manning Esseles, I dropped out of the last couple of groups before we started, because they were 2-mans, and I didn't want to grind through the dialogue and the longer work-through of content, to get only half the benefits, primarily XP. That's disappointing to me, but also to the other players who wanted to do it after a long wait.

It's tougher and longer to work though as a 2-man, but we get half the benefits? I could spend less time in a group of 4 - if we could find 4 players - and get double the benefits? That just doesn't make sense.

And so, here I am on a Saturday, a weekend, typing in the forums, instead of enjoying the game, and the other player went off to other things. 2-mans aren't worth it.

DaShuk's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 01:33 PM | #2
The loot on Esseles does seem to be all for force users, which was fine for me running it through on my Consular a few times, but I felt your pain on Hammer Station. Ran that a couple of times with a friend of mine and every drop was for either Trooper or Smuggler. Ran it 3 times and not one loot drop for a force user.

Also found it hilarious that of all the times I've run Esseles with my Shadow I only get the Consular Robe drop, but the one time I run it with my Sage I get the epic dual bladed saber drop that I can't use, lol.