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Rakata Gear Vender[Sith Inquisitor Bugged]

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01.07.2012 , 09:28 AM | #1
The Rakata Gear Vender sells one light saber tha has a I-level of 126 where as all the other Rakata Gear is 140. The Columi Vender sells a lightsaber that is I-level 130ish (higher then Rakata).

My understanding is the Rakata is suppose to be the top end gear. So obviously the lightsaber's bugged/stats bugged/modifications need adjusted.
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01.07.2012 , 09:34 AM | #2
Same issue with BH offhand. Have Rakata OH sitting in my bank, using Columi. Got them off the same boss, except Rakata was off Heroic.

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01.07.2012 , 10:21 AM | #3
Same with IA weapons, supposedly concerns all classes.
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01.07.2012 , 12:02 PM | #4
Same issue with marauder main and offhand.. and I just got my offhand yesterday... lucky me I got a fake t3.. gg Bioware... bug report submitted, expect fix sometime within 2012, mabye.
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