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Which novel(s) to start with?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Story and Lore
Which novel(s) to start with?

MrLife's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 07:51 AM | #1
I know the old 3 Movies, and the first 2 of the new ones.
But now there is SO MUCH lore, like hundreds of novels.
I´d like to read a few, but where to start? Can anyone give me a few suggestions? How to get an "overall feel" für the SW universe?
I have to play an imperial charakter, if that somehow limits the choice.

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darthgroond's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 08:18 AM | #2
If you appreciate 'Imperial Entanglements' then I'd suggest picking up the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn. Very well written piece of work. Also, going with a 'darkside' theme, I'd suggest the Darth Bane duology. I imagine everyone else will recommend these too. Personally, I find the better stories are to be found in the comics. There's many books out there, not many of them are worth reading, even if you do love the subject matter. The comics seem to get across the points the books are trying for in a lot of cases, they just do a better job at not dwelling on things too much.
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KitchenBPI's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 12:05 PM | #3
The Darth Bane books are some of the best ive read. Also the new Revan book is good!! Those are the ones I recommend.

psychogobstopper's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 12:10 PM | #4
For recommendations related to this game, see my post in this thread. There's also a link in that post to recommendations for other time periods.

darkmorgado's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 12:15 PM | #5
Definitely start with the Thrawn Trilogy. Absolutely amazing trilogy. Think of them as the sequel trilogy to the movies.

BenjaminminU's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 12:27 PM | #6
Depends on the time period that appeals most to you personally, for me I haven't ventured any further ahead than the corellian trilogy since I just ignore everything that happens after that point. What happens to Chewie, Anakin Solo, and Jacen Solo is unacceptable to me so i refuse to read into it. I really enjoy the period of TOR and i've found the books Revan and Decieved to be very enjoyable to far. One thing I would say is to stay away from anything Clone Wars related since that tv series will end up retconning everything that was worth reading.
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MrLife's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 08:05 PM | #7
OK, guys (and girls?), thanks for all your advice. So at least I have a point to start at now.
Then we´ll see where this journey through the galaxy will take me...
See you online!

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Bought_by_Blood's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 09:24 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by BenjaminminU View Post
What happens to Chewie, Anakin Solo, and Jacen Solo is unacceptable to me so i refuse to read into it.
What happens to those characters was in most cases good story telling having the same thing happen over and over would just be boring.
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