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Thank you, Bioware!

normaljean's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 03:24 AM | #1
I never post in forums, but i do read the heck out of them. And i really felt compelled to say something this time. Especially with all the negative posts today..

Why isn't anyone saying how much better the game is?! Because it feels a LOT better to me than it did during beta!

I played beta a bit and was kind of nervous about this release due the weird bugs etc.. but i have to say, i'm TOTALLY enjoying it! The game looks great and feels much more polished!

My two favorite improvements (so far) are PANTS for my Inquisitor! Yay! I don't mind robes, but i'd rather not wear them if i can get away with it. Thank you, Bioware, for that! I'm still only level 9, so i hope there are more light armor pants at higher levels.. I guess we'll see! *fingers crossed*

The next improvement i LOVE is the ability to preview armor on yourself and your companion with the Ctrl-left click! That totally made my night! Getting to preview Khem's appearance before i picked it was awesome! Also.. i love trying on armor, even stuff i can't wear, just because i like trying on clothes. lol So i was really happy to see this feature added as well.

I still wish there was more character customization.. but so far, i'm having a lot more fun than i thought i would! And i can see this game getting even better as the years go on.


Thanks, Bioware! I'm glad i pre-ordered and i'm looking forward to lots of great content to come.