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[Bugs] Eternity Vault

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01.07.2012 , 06:43 AM | #1
We did EV last night and there's a few bugs i wanted to pass along...

1. The group randomly died on the speeder at some points. After a wipe while we were all returning on the speeders we would all begin to randomly die on the speeders.

2. During the Initial ride down to the planet people would sometimes die while in the escape pods.

3. Gharj has a bug where he will sometimes not destroy the first island he is on, he will spawn another random island at times, but the first one never gets destroyed and he can then be turned into a simple tank in spank in one spot for the entire kill.

4. The Weekly quest to kill Gharj, did not complete ones Gharj died, however the Quest from General T..... (the quest give outside of the entrance) did complete.

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01.07.2012 , 07:32 AM | #2
Yeah my biggest annoyance of the ones you mention is that weekly quest, its the second week in a row it has not updated for me, it is just lazy coding by bioware, and they definatly had the time to quick fix it during this weeks patch spams, but they didnt..

Theres also another bug on Gharj if you somehow manage to die and you release to soon before he reset you have to clear all the trash again, and those trash mobs are the most boring things in the entire game.
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