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Sith chain of command

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01.07.2012 , 08:13 PM | #41
The Sith are the government as opposed to the military.

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01.07.2012 , 08:30 PM | #42
I think the members of the Dark Council outrank Grand Moffs.

All Darths not on the Council would probably be at the same level as a Grand Moff.

Lords would be on the level of a Moff/General but slightly under the sway of a Grand Moff.

Apprentices would be commanded by Moffs/Generals.

Acolytes are technically beneath everyone... but the footsloggers know to mind themselves around a Force user.

Heimskringla's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 09:04 PM | #43
Apprentices and Acolytes probably outrank most officers who are not flag rank or holders of a political rank like Moff.

A full-fledged Lord of the Sith probably technically outranks everyone except a Moff or Grand Moff in that Moff's own territory. A wise Sith isn't going to ignore the council of senior officials on a whim, however.

Darths appear to be a bit more nebulous. If the Darth is a member of the Dark Council, then there's no question that he or she outranks anyone except for the Emperor. If they're a "second rate Darth" like Malgus, is seems to get a little nebulous.

The Sith, for the most part, act outside of the normal military and political hierarchy only moving within it when they choose to do so and/or it benefits their personal goals. Sith are also highly political creatures, so if they can make an ally by helping out a particular Moff or officer, it's probably a good idea to do that... A Sith has got to look after his own power base, after all.
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01.07.2012 , 09:14 PM | #44
                                                   Dark Lord/Sith Emperor 
Dark Lord's Apprentice/Emperors Wrath/Voice of the Emperor (anyone else working for the Emperor directly)
                                                         Dark Council
                   ............................................... | .............................................
                  |                                                |                                             |
             Darth's                             Imperial Intelligence                         Grand Moff   
                  |                                                |                                             |
               Lords                                             |                                          Moffs
                  |                                                |                                             |
Overseers/Teachers/Inquisitors                      |                               Planetary Governor
                  |                                                |                                             |
         Non-titled Sith                                      |                                             |
                  |                                                |                                             |
            Acolytes                                           |                                             |
                                                       Imperial Military
                                  Nobles/Powerful force user producing Bloodlines.
Darth's answer to no one except each other and the Dark Council up. They can kill Moff's, Imperial Agents and Planetary Governors, however they must be wary of doing this without reasonable cause as the Dark Council may have issue with doing this which can lead to repercussions. They cannot order Moff's or Imperial Agents without Dark Council Authority, however they can order Planetary Governors about. They are free to kill and order about any lesser Sith and Imperials for any reason. They can kill each other with impunity too. They may only kill Dark Council members and up to take their place.

Lord/Overseers/Teachers/Inquisitors/Non-titled Sith, these work roughly the same as Darth except the answer to their superior Sith ranks too. They can only kill a higher Sith rank than themselves if they intend to to take their place.

Acolytes can order and kill lesser Imperials only. They are not even allowed to kill each other without permission.

Moff is a political title (Governor of a sector of space), they have complete authority over Imperials within their space. They also have authority over "lesser than Lord" Sith in their space too. They cannot kill Sith or Imperial Agents without Dark Council authority. (Grand Moff is given to whomever is in charge of the main sector of space "the seat of power"). (As Imperials they must still show respect to all Sith, as lack of respect is a valid reason for Sith killing them)

Planetary Governors have complete authority over Imperials on their planets (most Planetary Governors tend to be Sith anyway). If they are not Sith then have no power over Sith or Imperial Agents.

Imperial Intelligence have complete authority over other Imperials, however they must be careful not to overstep their position on this as it may lead to repercussions from the Dark Council or other Sith. They cannot kill Sith or Moff's without Dark Council authority. (As Imperials they must still show respect to all Sith, as lack of respect is a valid reason for Sith killing them)

Admirals/Generals/Ship Captains - Emergency Authority - occasionally if the situation calls for it "Lesser than Lord" Sith and Imperial Agents can be ordered about by the commanding officer of a ship/space station/ground base. However this is in completely emergency situations only (if Republic forces invaded a Imperial ship and it had Sith on-board the Captain would be allowed to command the Sith to stop the invasion).

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01.07.2012 , 09:50 PM | #45
Moffs do not officially outrank some Sith.
They just don't hesitate to boss around apprentices.

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01.07.2012 , 11:50 PM | #46
This gets kind of muddled in the SW story line as it is very clear that various military officers up to a Moff is serving under Baras. They won't hesitate to tell you that they are working for your master, so bugger off and express exasperation when faced with Sith "politics." So it gets really fuzzy the higher up you go apparently.