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Taral V Hard Mode

Lightforce's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 06:28 PM | #1

Taral V hard mode has a few bugs as you might know, but lets pretend you don t know it and lets pretend i am friendly customer whos totaly not fed up with the few bugs he has encountered and queues he has had to wait through just to play a game were he payed for.
That beeing said in a polite manner.

The Imperials at the first bonus reserach station and/or those in front of first bridge", not completly sure, + the "monsters that spawn are bugged as hell. The only way to dmg them is with aoe. The only way to heal your group is with aoe heal. For some reason there is an invisible wall for healing and no way to target the enemys for dps/tank.

Furthermore, each time you die the game completly crashes(so wipe = full group crash). Once you load back in you are outside and the instance has restarted = fun times, i know right