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Vette Conversations [Spoilers, maybe?]

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Vette Conversations [Spoilers, maybe?]

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01.08.2012 , 11:51 AM | #21
Okay, I'm not talking about ****** Vette, and spoilers from a jerk showed what the 'other things' the press is mad at.

What was funny about the press was that most of the people I met in server were telling me how they all took the collar off first thing anyways. Stupid people trying to act like video games are the cause of stupid kids so people don't have to admit parents and the education system are to blame. :P

But at LEAST they could let me keep the collar on and eventually she submits to "Yes master"

If I take the collar off am I still alloud to bully her into submission of any kind?
I hate Revan. Yeah, I said it. He's a Jedi turned Dark Jedi, who turned Sith, then REDEEMED and fought off the real sith. For the love of the Dark Side, Revan sucks! He's not even TRUE sith and contributes NOTHING to the Dark Side. All hail Lord Bane, true Lord of the Dark Side, and most important Sith Lord of them all.