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Annihilator Droid XRR-3 Guide - Eternity Vault (Normal Mode)

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Annihilator Droid XRR-3 Guide - Eternity Vault (Normal Mode)

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01.06.2012 , 09:27 AM | #1

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Quote: Originally Posted by Six
Hi there and welcome to another Condemned video guide. Condemned is a hardcore, Republic, team-based PVE and PVP guild on the Port Nowhere server. My name is Six, and I’ll be your host – and in this video, we’ll show you the strategy to take down the normal mode version of the first boss of the Eternity Vault operation, Annihilation Droid XRR-3.

XRR-3 is a large robot that will emerge from the entrance to the Eternity Vault immediately after the turrets guarding it have been downed – hence why it is important to move out as soon as you have done so. For this fight, we recommend a raid composition of 1 tank, 2 healers and 5 DPS for 8 man, and exactly double that for 16 man.

XRR-3 is rooted throughout the duration of the fight – as such, he will need to be tanked where he stands. The tank should face him so that his back is turned towards the doors of the EV. Because of what we have termed his “Lock On” ability, it is important that the raid stay spread out. We recommend melee arranging themselves in a semi-circle around his back, as shown here. At a further distance back, ranged should set themselves up in a similar manner, forming two semi-circles to the left and the right of him, just in front of the pillars located to either side. Raid healers will need to intersperse themselves evenly within the circle to ensure proximity to tank, melee and ranged players alike.

Lock On is an instant cast ability that XRR-3 will do roughly every 15 seconds – with it, he will target a random member of the raid with a large red targeting reticule positioned on their body. The targeted individual will then have five seconds to move out from the raid, otherwise, they will deal AoE damage to, and knockback and down anyone within a 5 meter radius of them. Lock On does moderate damage, about 20 – 30% of one’s healthbar in starter gear, and thus healers should watch out for players who call Lock On and top their health off accordingly.

XRR-3 also has a mechanic that melee in particular will need to watch out for. About every 30 seconds he will cast his Shockwave ability, which takes one second to cast and cannot be interrupted. XRR-3 will slam players within about 10 meters of him and stun them temporarily. Soon after casting Shockwave, he will typically cast Overwhelming Swipe. When he casts this, XRR-3 will make a sweeping motion in an arc around him and knockback any players standing in front of him, as demonstrated here. As long as melee members stay at his back, they will be able to avoid this ability. For tanks, it is important to note that in the 16 man version of this fight, Overwhelming Swipe, in addition to knocking back the tank, will cause him to drop aggro. As such, a second tank will be needed to pick XRR-3 up whenever the first tank is knocked back, until he or she and regain aggro on the boss.

XRR-3’s next major mechanic is Missile Salvo. When XRR-3 enters this phase of the fight he will crouch low to the ground and fire rockets at the entirety of the raid for 20 seconds. There is no point in attempting to interrupt this ability, as he will continuously recast it until the phase has completed. XRR-3 will deal heavy damage to the raid at this point, but the raid can deal with this ability using one of two strategies. The more classic strategy has the raid avoiding the majority of damage by hiding behind the pillars to the left and right of XRR-3 when he enters the Missile Salvo phase. We recommend use of one pillar for both 8 and 16 man operations. To accomplish this, XRR-3 should be LoS’ed for the duration of Missile Salvo by having everyone move to their assigned pillar upon its commencement – stacking with others will allow healers to AoE heal and top everyone up. The main tank should stay out for this phase, to build additional aggro on XRR-3 – he or she can use damage mitigating effects here to keep themselves up or a well-positioned healer can do the same, although the damage on tank geared players from this ability isn’t too heavy.

The second strategy we have developed for dealing with Missile Salvo is having the entirety of the raid stay out for this phase and instead having a gunslinger use their Scrambling Field ability – for Imperial Agents, the equivalent of this is Ballistic Shield. This will shield the raid from 20% of all incoming damage for 15 seconds. The benefit of using this strategy is that damage dealers will be able to maintain DPS on the boss during Missile Salvo. To use this strategy effectively, the raid will need to stack up in front of XRR-3, the shield will need to be popped, personal damage mitigation abilities will need to be used by the raid, and then healers will simply need to heal through the damage until it terminates. Once XRR3′s Missile Salvo phase has finished, the raid can return to their normal positions.

At around 50% health, XRR-3 will introduce a new mechanic to the fight: Bombard. This ability is an instant cast, and when he uses it, he will position a red ground targeting reticule beneath the feet of a random member and drop a missile on that location within one second. Players should move out from these immediately, as they deal considerable damage. He will cast around 10 of these over a 10 second interval before taking a break.

During the last 10% of XRR-3’s HP, he will revert to a continuous in Missile Salvo mode. All cooldowns should be saved for this phase, as it essentially acts as a soft enrage and at this point the boss will need to be DPSed down as quickly as possible. Again, your raid should use Scrambling Field or Ballistic Shield here as well as any additional damage mitigating cooldowns they may have. Remember that he will stay in this phase until he is dead, so healers will have to heal through the damage until DPS players manage to burn him down.

Finally, XRR-3 will hard enrage at 6 minutes and 30 seconds so you’ll have to make sure to get him down before then, otherwise he will take out your entire raid.

XRR-3 is a positioning intensive fight – it is every raid member’s responsibility to move for Lock On and Bombard, and LoS or heal through Missile Salvo. As long as people avoid standing in these many varieties of fire, XRR-3 is by no means a tough nut to crack. Thanks for watching – once again, I’m Six, and this has been another Condemned Video Guide.