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Meta-game with light/dark points?

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Meta-game with light/dark points?

Zikah's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 02:04 AM | #1
I wanted to ask what the implications of going light side or dark side are with a character?

To be perfectly honest, I want to just act how I think my character would act, but there have been plenty of games before that simply had you losing options if you didn't dedicate fully to one or the other.

To be more precious, I did this in mass effect 2 and ended up unable to choose both paragon and renegade options, and there were no bonus neutral options that I could see. I literally just lost options and gained nothing for doing what I thought my character would do.

So, what are the meta-game changes for going light or dark? Like if my character was to end up staying relatively neutral, would I just get completely shafted in options later on?

Toxtis's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 02:07 AM | #2
I don't believe there are any plot decision only available to one side or the other. However there is gear that has light or dark requirements. But not all gear has it. If you choose to go neutral you won't gimp yourself or anything but you'll have less gear to choose from as any gear requiring high levels of light or dark would be unavailable to you.

The only advantage to going neutral is you get to use all light-saber colors. Whereas if you go Light you lose red and if you go dark you lose blue/green, regardless of faction.

Zikah's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 02:18 AM | #3
Ah, alright. That sound fine really, I can deal with losing some items later as long as they aren't needed.

I just really disliked what happened in Mass effect and wish I knew from the start that I had to pick a side to really get the most of the game, because the whole game became me approaching each conversation with "Okay, where's the paragon/renegade option" and not really caring much about what the conversation was really about, just because the meta-game itself. And because I know MMOs are promptly dug into dealing with meta-game shenanigans I was worried.

It's sad when a games story is undermined by huge gameplay implications. I mean I love Infamous and fable, they're some of my favorite game series, but you sort of lose the choice when the game straight up pushes you to one side or another half-way through, and that all the things you did before really only led up to the realization that the only choice you had was at the start, and that was whether you wanted to be good or evil. All the dialog in-between meant diddly squat.

flamingn's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 02:23 AM | #4
the gear with light side/dark side restrictions are just diffrent models fo the gear, they have no game play advanage over other gear of the same lvl

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12.14.2011 , 02:31 AM | #5
well... the ENTIRE difference between this grobble and others is the story.

The bad thing is that your mood may reflect how you respond to things, and alot of time you cant take it back! like RL LOL
For everything we do, we are greebling.
For everything that is, that is the grobble.
Everything not at peace, is ungreebly.
When there is no greebling, that is the true grobble.

Taran_Tatsuuchi's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 04:13 AM | #6
Another point to add, there is an option in the settings that disables showing whether a dialog choice is light or dark prior to selecting it, if you're so inclined to use it.

Or there was when I last played anyway.

CptBrit's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 04:16 AM | #7
I've read somewhere that Bioware are planning on rewarding Neutral players with items as well... But its going to be post launch.

Zikah's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 01:10 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Taran_Tatsuuchi View Post
Another point to add, there is an option in the settings that disables showing whether a dialog choice is light or dark prior to selecting it, if you're so inclined to use it.

Or there was when I last played anyway.
That's cool, I wish more games would do that. Sure, you can most likely tell what's good or evil, but seeing that dumb point increase just kills the actually choice.

It's like the point in fable 3 where you can either kill your brother for what he'd done, what you've been fighting against the whole game, or let him live despite all of his crimes because of how he justified his actions. The interesting part of the choice gets smudged away when there's large red and blue auras around each choice and you just have to ask yourself "am I playing an evil or good character?", Honestly ruined it for me.