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Wrong naming of difficulties... and progression

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Wrong naming of difficulties... and progression

HansoSoloo's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 06:46 AM | #1
1st. This Game is ok - it makes hell of fun to play. But it does need improvements on all sides PvE and PvP.

May Consider to rename:
normal mode to easy mode
hard mode to normal mode
and nightmare mode to hard mode.

The current naming is missleading in terms of real difficulty.

The buffs the encounter get when u switch modes are laughable as it stands at the moment.

Now u say NOTHING wrong with that, but what keeps ppl interested in games? They need some challenge. When there is no challenge, then there is no motivation for ppl to play a game. Ok u can Twink, do PvP - sure u can - but there are lot of ppl which donīt Twink or donīt play PvP.

Now u say BioWare promised us new content at the end of January. That will be approx 1 BG and 3 new Bosses in KP. OK sounds good so far. If the difficulty stays like it is at the moment, it will be cleared again in 2-3Weeks.

What i want to say is: Make the encounters a little bit more challangeing in the higher modes and with some less Bugs. The current Endgame seems like a Beta Test on Live-Servers and i already got many ppl which start to think BioWare failed on the endgame. AND I donīt want those ppl to quit the game that fast.

Now u say. DONīT rush till 50.. fair point.. but even if i ended up 50 in the end of January, it would be less Bugs? YES ofc. But the content still would be quiet easy... too easy for the mainpart of all raiders..

My point is. Make hard and nightmare modes more challenging with less Bugs and MANY ppl will be quiet satisfied with that + will be staying interested in that game

(for the ppl which say, did u clear all encounters on nightmare yet? no we didnīt kill all, some bugs prevented us on 16mode to do that, so we will end up clearing it next ID, already got some workaorunds for the ancient pylon nightmare mode bug and soa to move on)

P.S.: Oh and maybe fix the Rakata (140) Weapons, they got worse stats then the columi (136) or the Tionese (128) Weapons: D

P.P.S.: Maybe let Bosses drop on nightmare mode not the SAME loot as on hard mode difficulty.. may let them drop only rakata and not also columi stuff...just saying...

xSOVRINx's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 06:54 AM | #2
Currently there are only two guilds in the world that have completed the 1st boss in NMM 16 man and 1 guild that currently sits at 4/5 EV NMM 16 man cleared.

I'd say its pretty spot on.

Then add that SOA NMM is pretty much unable to be killed.

Its the 1st tier of raiding, so there would seem to be some difficulty gauging going on for BW.
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