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From a Goldman Analyst Perspective on SWTOR

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From a Goldman Analyst Perspective on SWTOR

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01.06.2012 , 03:38 PM | #641
Quote: Originally Posted by Proto View Post
My thoughts exactly! This guy has the grammar of a freshman in H.S. and no where near the vocabulary and sentence structure of someone in a higher level business setting. His writing skills are pure **** which was a clear indicator that the OP was lying through his teeth.
Can we please just have our pre-KotFE SWTOR MMORPG back?

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01.06.2012 , 03:42 PM | #642
Quote: Originally Posted by Proto View Post
My thoughts exactly! This guy has the grammar of a freshman in H.S. and no where near the vocabulary and sentence structure of someone in a higher level business setting. His writing skills are pure **** which was a clear indicator that the OP was lying through his teeth.
But do we REALLY expect someone who posts on the forums to use the high formal language? Maybe, perhaps, could be he does work there - I don't know, I haven't seen his credentials but he IS posting here and posting using the vulgar so using a linguistic proof doesn't really proof your theorem. Just saying... And besides, when I have to write for my peers, IT sec stuff, or if I'm writing in an academic setting, I use the appropriate language for the setting required.

this is a forum. free style writing is accepted here. ppl, lol, lmao, blah, blah, blah - accepted forms - academia - no way
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01.06.2012 , 03:46 PM | #643
Great and well written post. Hats of to you sir!

I do wish you would have placed it on Reddit as well though. A much better community there.

The only people I see here are only complaining.

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01.06.2012 , 03:48 PM | #644
Great post OP. Well said.

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01.06.2012 , 04:05 PM | #645
I don't think the OP is who they say they are.
"Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid." - John Wayne

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01.06.2012 , 04:51 PM | #646
His analysis of the current state of the SW:TOR union is quite accurate, although I think his error was the lack of extra perspective.

In his defense, I will say that MMOs succeed on momentum and I would say it's an exponential thing, very much like viral marketing.

It does take the perfect mix of platform and community to make a successful MMO, but with that said, in BioWare/EA's defense, the necessity to deploy and open up their environment to the public was truly second to none, and I think one of the posters mentioned that closing down the game for two months would've been the DEATH of this game.

I agree, and maybe the game was released because BioWare couldn't continue developing behind the scenes with a closed beta community. As we say in the IT business "it goes into production". Developing like that without generating income means you're operating on a marginal dead weight loss (it has be ... without an income, they're just tossing money of the table).

My friend, who isn't as tenured as I am when it comes to MMOs understands one thing... this game is in it's INFANCY. The first set of quarters WILL ALWAYS BE LIKE AN EXTENDED BETA.

This is the stage that the game is in, guys. We're really just funding further development. We continue comparing this to other more refined games, but THEYVE BEEN UNDER DEVELOPMENT FOR SO LONG NOW and all the kinks have been worked out.

Some problems won't come to light until the product has been released, and once again, this is exactly where we are at. You people need to calm the f*** down, they are having major problems with little experience in the MMO market. You should be zealous with your posts and express exactly how you feel, but you need to give these people time to respond, breathe, whatever.

BioWare/EA, there are some major issues you guys DO need to address... dysfunctional and buggy original content (LIKE NOT BEING ABLE TO ENTER A FLASHPOINT)... that's some serious bull***t. FIX THIS. <<< You will be empty handed unless you fix something that MATTERS.

This is really important because it punishes players for coordination instead of providing them with an experience (and much less a instant reward). When it happened to me, I wanted to delete the game, it was THAT frustrating.

Who cares if the textures are ugly or the voice overs are mishappening? WHO CARES? FIX THE STUFF THAT MATTERS.

I think you guys have a couple more weeks to dawdle around and figure out the ropes, but after that it's going to get serious and you're going to have a dead game on your hands. It's a crappy game, but sometimes that doesn't matter. You've gone to far lengths to "cover that" cosmetically with a good story and voice overs,


let me Re-iterate. VOICE OVERS AND STORY NEVER SOLD AN MMO. The Story is cool, but ITS AN MMO. You've got great backbone, now make this game BETTER!

MORE GAME, less story. Half of the people who are going to continue paying for the game in the long run... they skip the story. Read it and weep, guys. STOP SQUANDERING precious development funds on voice overs!!! GIVE US A game and then refine the rest of it.

PS: The lack of auto-attack was also a red flag for me.

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01.06.2012 , 04:58 PM | #647
Quote: Originally Posted by Concede View Post
if you were a investor would you invest in this game?
No. But I would not short ERTS on the basis of it either.

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01.06.2012 , 05:01 PM | #648
Quote: Originally Posted by davidpop View Post
If he was that smart, he would have made his own mmo and gotten rich.
Actually if he was so smart he would trade his own account and got rich rather, than jobbing for goldys for an analysts pay.

Still a much better post than the majority.

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01.06.2012 , 05:03 PM | #649
So, OP, thanks for the investment advice. Since we didn't sign any sort of agreement, and you didn't issue any sort of disclaimer, then if your advice is bad I can sue you, right?

Am I really supposed to believe you work for Goldman? Lloyd Blankfein would have your *** for breakfast if he saw you spewing crap on a game forum while telling everybody that you're a Goldman Sachs expert.

What a maroon.

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01.06.2012 , 05:10 PM | #650
Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback! We always appreciate both positive and negative feedback as long as it is constructive.

We will be closing this thread in the interest of keeping the forums consolidated and tidy. Please feel free to continue the discussion and post your constructive suggestions in the Suggestions Compilation thread.

Thank you for your understanding.