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Opening Menus Causes Stutter

bonuslord's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 05:31 PM | #1
For the most part, SWTOR runs fine on my machine with all graphics settings on high. Indoors, outdoors, in space; everything runs at a reasonable framerate.

The one issue I have is that whenever I open an in game menu (inventory, character sheet, quest log, etc) the game completely freezes/hangs for about ~600ms. If I continuously mash menu buttons like 'I' and 'C' for a couple seconds, the lag seems to stack up and the game will hang for an entire second or two. Oddly enough, my CPU usage seems to decrease when I'm opening menus, so I don't think it's a CPU issue.

Any tips on what could be causing this lag?

Graphics card is a GeForce GTX 580
Proc is a Core2 Quad (Q9550)