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Camera and terrain issue

jstnj's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 05:18 PM | #1
I'm having a strange issue where, while i'm in game the camera's view seems to be block by some form of terrain. mainly it seems to be part of the ground as if the camera is trying to view from inside of a mountain or hill. everything else is fine. my UI is all fine and the character/ NPCs are fine (when i can manage to see them). the enviroment seems to have issues though at time as well. sometimes i can see through the ground or if i'm in a building half of the terrain becomes some of the wall. when i first get in game however; all i see is orange and black lines, nothing else. once i move the UI shows up as well *** the gigantic mountain the camera seems to be viewing from inside of.
I should also note that while i was installing the game my computer decided to memory dump on me (so there's that annoying blue screen) i know that may be the issue as it could have left out a file or maybe corrupted it.

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated and thank you for the help/replies.