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Quest - SAbotage the gormak. Severly SEVERELY overtuned

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Quest - SAbotage the gormak. Severly SEVERELY overtuned

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03.02.2012 , 03:50 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Kanana View Post
As an operative, faced with two strong ones I'd sleep dart one and kill the other. Use the in combat stealth to drop out of combat first if needed.

I did the quest as a PT Shieldtech, and I think I simply popped all my defensive CDs and focused on one while CCing (and letting Mako CC) the other. I am not sure if I died after one and the revived to kill the other.
Somebody is full of tookus. If you stealth anytime after clicking the box the quest resets, same thing if you die.

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03.02.2012 , 04:15 AM | #22
I found it challenging as an on-level Dirty Fighting Scoundrel but it was far from impossible. Expect to use medpacs, stims, etc., and all of your CC abilities... but if a Scoundrel can do it deprived of stealth then other DPS classes should be able to do it.

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03.02.2012 , 04:29 AM | #23
Posts like OP's just irritates the hell out of me. It's like the current crop of gamers simply don't want any challenge at all. Rather than go to the forums and ask for advice/tactics/info, they go straight to making a thread about "Nerf xxxx, I couldn't do it".
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03.02.2012 , 05:53 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Qrazyy View Post
I agree. You should just be able to spam one ability from level 1-50 and win.
Haha my thoughts exactly. Guys just because it's hard does not mean it is overtuned. Just get better. If other people are doing it then it is not impossible. Dumbing down all solo content is not the answer, you will get bored super fast.

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03.02.2012 , 01:04 PM | #25
I did this quest with a balance jedi sage, and found it easy after the first surprise and death.

However, for me this quest was impossible to do as a scoundrel healer, was dead or did a disappearing act about 30 times, and tried every trick i could think of.

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03.02.2012 , 03:54 PM | #26
Had no problem at all with neither my Bounty Hunter, nor my Juggernaut.

With the Sniper I died once and decided to burst down the relevant mob, die, ress and loot the bastard. Worked quite well, if not as elegant as just CC'ing one of them...

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03.02.2012 , 04:10 PM | #27
I wiped the 1st time I tried.Completely forgot to CC one of them.Will try it again soon.
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03.02.2012 , 06:56 PM | #28
As a general fact in this game, the devs seems to not realize there is a HUGE difference between a fight that started by NPCs and a fight started by the player. They simply place the same level of mobs on each encounter. And it is also make me feel very stupid to have to talk to an enemy and let him attack you first at point-blank range even though everyone knows that you have to kill each other to end that situation. It is the same for the case that the mob spawns and attack type. They are relatively difficult than those stationary located encounters. Thus making some supposed-to-be-soloable encounters to be extremely hard for specific classes even at gray level.

Besides, it shouldn't be taken for granted that if you can solo a level 45ish solo quest at level 50, there is no problem. A level 45ish solo quest should be able to be completed at level 45 with average gear and average skill. Imagine if you are on a relatively unpopulated server or you play at a out-of-peak hours that no one can help you, and it maybe a long long run to the quest area or it always take a long time to clear the mobs on the way there ...

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03.17.2012 , 02:35 AM | #29
I had a hard time with this fight as an operative too. Here's what I did: aim your character towards where they spawn. You'll want to use distraction immediately when they spawn. I put two kolto probes on both me and Scorpio before the fight started, and had her use her deploy shields at the beginning of the fight. Focus all damage on one of them (I picked the shaman), don't bother healing, etc, until he's dead. Then work on the the other guy as if he was an elite.

I agree though, this fight was surprisingly hard. Personally, I'd love it if every quest ended with the solo equivilent of a flashpoint boss, but I don't think this is "working as intended."

BTW, this isn't even the final step of this quest line. The real boss comes two steps later, and is much easier.
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03.17.2012 , 03:28 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Corran View Post
you get this quest on voss. it's not heroic. it's just an area quest

last stage asks you to take codes from a gormak tech soldier. he spawns with a shaman. they spawn and put you in combat.

they both spam abilities that do 4k damage apiece. i've tried interrupting and flash grenades and it's not doable -t hey drop me anmy companion fast

i was also not able to solo this on my vanguard even at 50. they do too much damage

so..only a sage or commando i guess, since they are the only ones with any meaningful in combat cc

fix this. ticket submitted.

edit: finished it when a sage came by and force lifted one. c'mon....
i have leveled an assasin a sorc a jugg a operative a commando and a gunslinger and done that quest on all of them alone at level or lower. im the sort of guy that usually has to do 48-50 in illum/belsavis bonus since im below the zones im in. It is slightly overtuned but if you cant do it one 50 vanguard and i can do it on a 42 juggernaut (with a terrible dps pet, i stuck with jaesa cuz i liked the story) then idk what to say