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The Legacy of Tetanus

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01.05.2012 , 04:08 PM | #1
This is part of a story I hopefully will be playing out one of the RP realms, as I'm looking for the best the best EU RP Realm, I used to RP a lot and I apologize if my grammar or if anything in any way is spelt or done incorrectly, as I don't write in English that often.

The Legacy of Tetanus

Her screams of pain and anguish filled the stone hall, as she was dragged away by her ankles. Clawing the wet, cold slated floor helplessly, ripping her nails from her fingers tips.

She looked up at the hooded figures stood either side of her, as they reached down and pulled her to her feet. Tears trickled from her eyes, as she looked outwards at her child.

A blanket of malicious silence draped the room; the child walked carefully over to the bloodied trails on the cold slated floor, trailing a well worn and dirty teddy bear behind her, tightly clenching it in her small hand.

The child stood confused and afraid looking at her mother.

"I-it'll be okay honey..." the woman tried to hold back her tears, as an ominous figured approached her child and knelt behind her, enticing fear into every fiber of the mother.

The ominous figures presence in the dark side could be clearly felt by the young human child; it almost crippled her fragile being.

"Look at me child" His voice was pure malevolence, as the child trembled and began to look at her captor. His breathing metallic breathing was already enough to frighten the young child, let alone the skeletal helmet he donned.

"Tell me, have your parents ever told you about monsters child?" His hand reached out for the child's bear, as she held it tightly in her grasp, trembling in front of him; "Maybe they have told you of the Sith?" His finger tips ran over the bear's fur.

The figure stood and paced slowly around the child, as the young innocent stood bewildered and frightened. The figure before looking over at the child's mother; "I told you al-already...I-I don't know w-where he is..." the woman wept as the figure looked back down at the child and reached out; "N-NO!"

Flares of deep violet and gleaming white flickered around the hall, as screams of agony leapt from the innocent child's body, before falling silent as the crackling of lightning roared throughout the hall.

The women fell to her knees and wept, as her child lay lifeless upon the floor. The smell her daughters charred remains pierced her senses; "H-he's on C-Cor...Corellia" the figure knelt before her, as she looked up into black eyes of his soulless helmet; "Thank you"

I would love to make friends and enemies through his brief introduction and hopefully find a realm that will really let me get into the depths of RP and writing.

I also hope you enjoyed reading it, because there hopefully will be more.