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No second bonus for Jabiim?

Stradlater's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 01:44 PM | #1
Many websites are referencing a bonus objective in the Jabiim Escort:

Destroy the Frigate's Turrets: 0/20

But I cannot get it to complete. No counter appears, and I've destroyed well over 20 frigate turrets in a mission, going back and counting the xp log.

Is this objective still completable?

Vyper's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 02:06 PM | #2
Most second objectives don't unlock until you're of a higher level (or some other criterion that involves a higher level than when you first get access to the mission).

EDIT: Grammar.

Stradlater's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 02:12 PM | #3
Awesome, thanks!