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A Few Suggestions for Flashpoints

Appled's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 10:21 AM | #1
I have really enjoyed some of the flashpoints, and some others I feel need some work.
Black Talon is an amazing introduction in to what I feel flashpoints should be. You get decent social points, there are multiple areas, and the story is solid. After BT I feel there is a sharp decline in length, story, and overall care that went into their creation. Now the dungeons do start to pick back up at Boarding Party, and my favorite The Foundry. In between BT and Boarding Party, I think those dungeons need some love given to them. I would LOVE to see more dungeons with objectives like Colocoid, where there are segments that you have to use other guns/devices/shields in clever ways and not just rely on using your rotations over and over and moving out of crap.
I'm really loving how you guys build tension between characters in the story lines in game, I wish you could do that in a dungeon run. Have an Sith Lord with you at the start of a dungeon, sith lord gets captured and you are all put in cells. Have to "hack" your cell, re-meet up with the dungeon people, and spring the Sith lord out of jail. All while killing the bastard jedi that did it(or even let him escape, and dungeon 2 of same/+1 level). Basically I just wish you would build up the feeling of "I NEED TO KILL HIM" a little more in the dungeons. Makes it way more satisfying. Possibly even have the same villian for 3-4 dungeons you are chasing and he keeps getting away and trying to ruin your day in cowardly ways.

Primary Concerns:
I feel dungeons need a MINIMUM of 25-50 social points per run. Other than PvP, flashpoints are the most social events. I can get more social points in 30 minutes questing with a partner then I can running a full 4man dungeon.

By far the slowest way to level. I really feel groups should be more encouraged. A lot of players I know avoid them simply because it slows their leveling down, and they have a tiny chance to get gear. Honestly I feel if you get 4 people together of the correct level, you should be able to level faster not slower.

More EXP for Quest. Better Quest Rewards.

Just for clarity I am very happy with the game, I just feel some things need polishing. You have massive potential for this to be the next big thing