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Melee class/spec for soloing multiple mobs

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Melee class/spec for soloing multiple mobs

Dragon-born's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 07:33 AM | #1
Hey! I've been trying out most classes a little bit and so far liked my Bounty Hunter Mercenary the best, largely because soloing groups of mobs are so smooth and fast. With the other chars it's been more like picking off one at a time. And that can feel a bit slow for large/many groups of trash mobs.

What I feel like crating now as an alt to my BH is a melee Jedi, but one that can handle groups swiftly as well. I.E. at least a few convenient spells/attacks that make quick work of groups of enemies. And preferably able to do so some time before lvl 15. What type of Jedi and what spec am I looking for?