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01.05.2012 , 06:25 AM | #1
I have heard that same sex romances will be added latter on in the game, but will they be inter species as well?

I have been disappointed that there is no option to romance lord scourge, I was going to roll a jedi knight only for that.

I am asking, because it would please me to romance my light side assassin with khem val.
Even my female sith warrior could benefit from it, or my male trooper.
You know, some tough love

If he were not available in the possible future patch adding same sex relationships, who should I romance instead of khem val?

Who would you romance?

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01.05.2012 , 06:29 AM | #2
I think they would allow it where it makes sense, but I don't really see Khem being on the list of those available (as his personality seems rather against it, and the Dashade's reptillian heritage would likely prohibit it).

Similarly, I don't think Qyzen would show up either (as he's not even a romance option for female characters).

Scourge, though, I don't know enough about to make a judgment on but being as how Sith Pureblood aren't exactly prohibited from interspecies relations (again, where biology permits), so I don't see why not. Live the dream, man.

EDIT: Good rule of thumb, IMO, would be that if the character in question doesn't have a female_OK romance option, or a male_OK romance option, they likely won't get one for the opposite gender. This isn't a hard-fast rule, of course, but a solid hypothesis.
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