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Post your Smugglers name

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Post your Smugglers name

VinsinStich's Avatar

09.04.2012 , 12:39 AM | #761
Quote: Originally Posted by Grundledeep View Post
The outlaw Jugz Lovin
love it

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09.04.2012 , 12:44 AM | #762
Quote: Originally Posted by Xivo View Post
Like i stated at the start of this thread my scoundrel is called scam.
Now i can choose a legacy name but lost for ideas.
Anyone think of anything good to go with Scam?
Slixx? Hudson? Kessel? thats all i got for you

Hambunctious's Avatar

09.04.2012 , 10:02 PM | #763
I have a newbie scoundrel named Curari.

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09.05.2012 , 02:10 PM | #764
Quote: Originally Posted by Lex_Icon View Post
Korben Dallaas
Now THIS ONE is so epic!

I'm ROFL'ing so much!
Sarah'kerrígan Jhom Kérrigan Jhota

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07.28.2013 , 07:32 AM | #765
Captain Written Nahoon.
I started to play more on this character as i finished my Inquisitor. Now that i play more with it i like it even more than before
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Pew Pew

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07.28.2013 , 10:42 AM | #766
Party Time Sibek Korin.

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07.28.2013 , 10:54 AM | #767
I've got my mirialan scoundrel Battlemaster Derregen Firslay (Former Captain Derregen Firslay) and my chiss gunslinger The Outlaw Mitth'iri'arree (Core name Thiria).
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07.31.2013 , 09:41 AM | #768
The Outlaw Six-Fingers

Friend helped me with the name, I loved it.

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08.01.2013 , 12:23 AM | #769
My Gunslinger -- Zhan'go (Unchained)

He was a Twi'lek slave liberated from the Sith Empire by an aging bounty hunter to assist in the assassination of three Imperial Moff brothers, before going on a journey to free his slave wife, Blia, who was sold to infamous crime-lord Kendii the Hutt.

"The H is silent."
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08.04.2013 , 12:24 PM | #770

All my Legacy characters are named for various angels, actually. I thought the irony in this particular character was significant, in fact. Gaib's got a pretty good RP story to him, actually. He's adorable.
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