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Bugged Phasing for EV

Mizugami's Avatar

01.04.2012 , 11:46 PM | #1
We started out trying the night on 16m Nightmare Annihilator. If you have attempted it then you most likely know that missiles randomly hitting people for numbers upwards of 25k through Sage shields and trying every possible thing to rule out some new mechanic to stop this ridiculous damage made us stop and think "Hey! This MAY NOT BE working correctly." (supposedly there is some mechanic to this, I have yet to discern what) So we split up into two 8 man groups in order to kill it on hard/nightmare 8m and then re-merge to continue 16m Nightmare for Gharj onward.

One group was fine, they formed up, set it to 8m and killed the boss. The second group was not. Through ALL efforts of changing the difficulty, resetting phases, logging in/out, onto other characters, going in and out of both flashpoints and Karagga's Palace and resetting the ops group and local phases, quitting and restarting, disbanding and reforming with a new leader, having every person enter solely first so it was their phase, and doing all of this in extremely odd combinations, we almost ALWAYS ended back up into the same 16m Nightmare phase with our 8 man group. Only RANDOMLY would a few people end up in the correct 8m Nightmare (Or hard, we would take anything we could get at that point) phase, though the rest would enter back into the bugged phase. To summarize this, we tried ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING over the course of hours of raid time to get all of our 8m into an actual 8m phase with a boss that was not packing 16m Nightmare HP and damage. Sometimes we got close, but then it would bug out and a few would not be able to enter anything but the bugged 16m Nightmare phase. This even applied to our CLEARED normal mode lockout (Meaning even setting the group to 8m or 16m normal mode would shove you into the 16m Nightmare phase).

Obviously after a while we said "**** it, we will skip the boss and just save ourselves with the other 8m group's phase, where first boss was dead." This did not work. Upon merging groups, one of two things happened. Either the original WORKING group would enter and then be promptly kicked from the ops, or the bugged group could enter with only an 8 man limit, and still facing a 16m Nightmare Annihilator staring at them, even though we were given the pop-up about the ops having some progress done (As it was SUPPOSED to be the lockout with a dead first boss).

All in all this is extremely bugged. We HAVE killed bosses in 8 man groups and merged before, so unless it was broken with the patch, it is not that. Now one group can face nothing but a 16m (broken lol 25k+ missile) Nightmare Annihilator droid with 8 people while the other may even be bugged now too. 16m is obviously out of the question. Not only has this screwed us for progressing through the week for half the guild but also as a whole in 16m.

My questions would be as follows.

Has ANYONE experienced anything like this, and/or found a way to fix it?

Is Bioware AWARE of something like this happening?

Would it be possible to get someone to reset our phases so we can actually go in and, you know, raid?

Is it too much to want to get past a (assumed, unless we are missing something huge that prevents 20k+ on hard and 25k+ on Nightmare missiles) bugged Hard/Nightmare 16m Annihilator Droid via splitting into two 8 man groups to then after re-merge and continue the raid?



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01.05.2012 , 12:44 AM | #2
We're getting the same problem too - stuck to our 8man on nightmare mode, not being able to change down to hard. You're not the only one!