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I dont do FlashPoints

Radagastimus's Avatar

01.04.2012 , 08:47 PM | #41
Form friendships with people you do flashpoints, add them to your friend list. Greet them when they come online and do things with them. Socialise... This is the way how you can form lasting friendships with other players and eventually form groups for ops amd flashpoints that do them on insticnt and with ease.

It is MMORPG which means that it is community of people playing game with each other.

LFG channel would help in many ways tho and better LFG tool but nothing in the way that automatically forms a group of random players. Nothing that warps group automatically to instance and away from there and most definitely nothing that has cross server group finding tools.

And no dual spec please. Remember when wow had no dual spec? remember when it came and it cost 1000g to buy? Sadly now they are maaking talents just ridiculous in next expansion so spec can be changed on the fly and it even does not have real talents anymore. Just stupid.

Talents are integral part of your character and being able to change them only makes character feel less character and more like programmable machine that has no characteristic or personality.