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Jedi vs Sith

Lord_Butcher's Avatar

01.04.2012 , 05:46 PM | #1
Which one is ''strongest'' , how and why?

Notice i used '' '', meaning it's all relative, what is strengt, is it physical, or spiritual, force, blade, mind, controll e.t.c?

Let's say we take a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord, both practice the same type of sword (a simple sword in this case), both induviduals are powerfull in the force, also physicly strong, and they have both total controll on what they are doing i.e avoids traps and being lured and fails to be affected by the use of distractions, both use smart moves, both have been trained equally for long, both reach the deepest possible level into their respective force alignment, are intelligent e.t.c, which kind of training between these two will prove to be the superior to the other?

And also, more generally, which side has the most potentionally powerfull training to be superior to the other in close combat respective use of force combat?

I reckon only the strongest turns out to become Sith, you have to fight just for survival, which removes all the ''weak'' and makes the strongest survive the training and becomes powerfull Sith, i can't seem to think of any really ''weak'' Sith that are true Sith, whilst Jedi seems to train most people who have force connection at young age regardless if they are so strong or not, or am i wrong?

Just a thought if the way to grind out the weak in the ways of the Sith generelly can make the Sith more powerfull in terms of close combat and force using, dunno personally.

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01.04.2012 , 05:57 PM | #2
What you described is a stalemate imo.

Immovable Object vs Unstoppable Force

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01.04.2012 , 05:57 PM | #3
You can ask this question what any form of similer combat units and the answer remains the same:

It depends on the induvitual.

As i read in a samuri vs knight comparision.

Both rely on chance's to strike strentght of arm's weapon and tatic's etc

you get the idea.

Both jedi and sith have highly deadly killers.
The difference between a jedi and a sith is there believe.

It is like puting a 2 knights agains eatchother one is loyal to god the other to satan.
Both are equil in training skill and faith but only one will get lucky and win.

On that note i think we are both gonne say the one favored by god is gonne win:P
Wich explains why the jedi general win.
knowledge is power.
use it well.

Good players take any and all advantages they can get, actually. It's why they are good.