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Community Blog Post Discussion: New Year’s PvP Update

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Community Blog Post Discussion: New Year’s PvP Update
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Benets's Avatar

01.22.2012 , 03:28 AM | #511
Pvp was much more fun at lower levels, like 30, 35
Why this happens? I think is because pvp designers base it on wow, slow, roots, stuns all the time. And that's exactly why wow pvp sucks. Don't copy wow's bad things.

Why people love FPS multyplayer game's? Cos' it's dynamic, fast, with mobility that enhances tactical manuvers and movment to get better positions on map. With slow all the time, and roots once you got hit you can't move.

For me pvp should be dynamic, with mobility, players should have more freedom to move on the map. Nerf roots and slows, it should have higher cooldowns so people use it on key moments, not all the time. Those type of things people should think and know when to use it, not spam it.
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jsgolf's Avatar

02.28.2012 , 12:35 PM | #512
Please give us the oppertunity to choose which type of pvp we want to play and also bracket the pvps. Its way more fun getting used to the world of pvping when you get to go head to head against a person of the same level as you rather than having a lvl 10 try to kill a level 48

Tsoothame's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 02:50 PM | #513
the Jugger is the weakest class known to the game! In any pvp setting all other classes out damage, out last (hp), and out manuever. The Jugg is supposed to be a supreme fighting machine, yet i see sourceror's and consolers with more HP. A bounty hunter 10 level's lower take jugs down with ease! Agents continuously stun and evade until jugg's are dead.

Jugg's have one unleash, every minute and a half, while every class in the game can stun them four different ways. If you have ever played hutt ball as a jugg, you might as well just stay as far away from the ball as you can, because it is a instant death wish if you pick it up.

No amount of armor helps to replace the lack of range, and movement one has a Jugg.

Upon the game being released, SWTOR was promised an equal playing field for all classes. yet the jugg has been left behind to eat all other characters dust.
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