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Community Blog Post Discussion: New Year’s PvP Update

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Community Blog Post Discussion: New Year’s PvP Update
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Nucairion's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 09:23 PM | #501
i am in full support of lvl 50s having there own brackets. to many time as a lvl 28 commando have i been in groups with 0 lvl 50s or jsut the 1-2 against a team with full lvls 50s and alot of expertise. it then turns away from a warzone into a mass walkover. u get troused quickly perhaps putting all 50s in one bracket will make it harder for fresh 50s but u can do wot im doing sabing up comms and turning them into merc tokens each time i get 1000 warzone commendations until i get merc comms to cap. then thats 5 bags straight away and with abit of luck u may get 1-2 bits right at the moment u ing 50..

perhaps a solution to the prob would be implementing rated battlesgrounds for thsoe lvl 50s with pvp gear? but atm pvp needs balancing and onlyway to do that is remove either expertise from 50's gear, which would hten cause mass spammage on forums of comlaints. or to give them there own bracket or add expertise to low lvl gear.

eitherway boware mess up there pvp when they decided not to implement lvl brackets right from the start and alas this problem has arisen.

i feel for the lesser populated servers with not many lvl 50s but its not fair to push low lvls away from pvp coz all they do is get troused by insanely geared 50s.

clearly bioware didnt think to clearly when designing pvp warzones bout the mass amount of ppl that would power lvl to 50 then power gear up.

something needs to change soon before many ppl jsut say to hell with pvp its not even worth it as all were doing is allowing these 50s to farm us for gear. take away the lowbies right now and not so many of the 50s will gear up quick as there wont be so many warzones and no1 wants that to happen so brackets best for all concerned imo
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TheStratovarian's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 02:31 AM | #502
Too little, too late. By this point, there is enough of a gulf, that even when you get to 50. That expertise gap will be high enough, that your repeating the same deal thats happening now with the 10-40 against a fifty with it, your getting curbstomped with slightest issue of skill from the by a superior stat base that he has. Fifty is one of two things, Raid the daily quests, get rewards, and sit, or pvp. As folks hit the fifty mark, and suddenly get whisked to this 50 only spot, it will kill any remote like of pvp for all but the most hardcore folks because of this gap, and the debuffs that will only apply to them, not their waiting players.

Your issue is the fact of expertise gear, any pvp only stat is a bad idea, not to mention the tank issues, let alone healing ones in pvp, and you will only serve to further the divide that exists now if you haven't pre-grinded up the tokens for the full amount, and the needed valor for this rank, your utterly sol.

I thank you bioware for the good time i got to play, I am, i enjoyed the ride up to 50. It was fun, pleasant, and a blast. But having the two choices of raiding, or Pvp. And the clear difference each has, because of expertise, and what raid gear offers, and the grinding for each when every step has been a blast for exactly the opposite reason.

I am not a raider, I never will be. So this leaves me only pvp to enjoy, and right now, even as fifty, and seeing how notable the gap is for expertise, to that without it, no thank you. I don't wish to play that grinding game, not when the only difference is that it leaves me frustrated and irked at what is there. When I used to have fun, regardless of the level difference in players, from the early, to the later and stronger players.

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JackkSparrow's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 08:43 AM | #503
lol thats ridiculous!!! i believe that for a game which has been under development over 7 years pvp should have been way better-.- U should have had already given the opportunity to us to choose which warzone we wanna play if not also bracket the pvp like 1-49 and seperate for 50s! Plus when are u going to fix this whole operative/vanguard <GOD MODE> issue??? Seriously?? U have a tank wearing heavy armor, having bubble, heals, good ccs, loads of *** mechanisms and insane dps??? What the heck is this? What are we playing here Superman mmo??? This should have been fixed already with 1.1 for the love of good but it is not - so FIX IT!
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bleyzwun's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 09:52 AM | #504
Please give us the option to let us choose what we want to play in this PvP update (or sooner). I don't want to play Huttball forever. I'm also not a fan of same faction PvP so more regular WZs vs the enemy faction please.

Skinsster's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 01:33 PM | #505
Ranked warzones will be nice but if you could give the option as a lvl 50 to enter non just lvl 50 warzones as well that would be nice. Personally I don't get to play as much as many of my friends and I enjoy being able to play with them as a low lvl in pvp despiite our often extreme lvl differences

Xzual's Avatar

01.14.2012 , 01:19 AM | #506
Sorry I read about 5-6 pages, but didn't see it brought up... Any talk of Arenas being added into TOR?
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RycheMykola's Avatar

01.14.2012 , 06:16 PM | #507
Quote: Originally Posted by Sardoni View Post
So now instead of shooting a rocket at something 5 or 15 times... you're adding in a player kill count requirement. /facepalm.

Faction imbalances aside this is going to leave Ilum with tons of Empire just waiting for a Republic to poke their head out to get a kill and then yelling at other people when their kill count is done so they can get their zone flips.

Capturing Ilum needs to get a tangible faction benefit. I.E. 5% exp boost to your entire faction... or 5% faster crafting speed for your faction. Something to give meaning to holding this zone and a reason to fight for it. The valor buff is currently garbage and giving someone a quest for a bag isn't a meaningful pvp objective.

Solution: Capturing and holding an objective should give you 1/5 the reward that you currently spew out in warzones. The longer you hold the objective the rewards tick to those holding maybe every 25 mins?. I know in Warhammer, the Mythic devs had that loot roll system and public quest reward mechanic... I don't know coding from the next guy, but if you didn't rely on a daily quest to get people into Ilum and built the rewards into the zone itself maybe people would be out there. That way open world rewards would be equal to instanced pvp rewards.

As it stands Ilum is a waste of time... and it's about to just get more tedius reading this update.

Finally, you can't expect people to magically know how open world pvp works. You've gone to great lengths to prevent open world pvp by placing level 50 champion guard 2 inches apart from happening during the natural leveling process BY DESIGN which is a shame. Far be it from me to expect you to design an end game Open World PVP system and, by design, far be it from anyone to expect to kill the other faction let alone know they actually exist in the world since you never bump into them.

At this rate you're about to lose the open world pvp crowd if you haven't already lost them. And just adding a kill requirement is what Rift did to try and force open world pvp. Needless to say giving someone a daily quest to kill someone doesn't work. Ask the Warhammer devs about Dark Crag - Open RVR server in WARs hayday. We are a market but no ones doing it right lately.
haha, I see it now. Republic charging imperials credits to meet them up in Illum to be killed.

Mandrax's Avatar

01.14.2012 , 06:21 PM | #508
Quote: Originally Posted by Skinsster View Post
Ranked warzones will be nice but if you could give the option as a lvl 50 to enter non just lvl 50 warzones as well that would be nice. Personally I don't get to play as much as many of my friends and I enjoy being able to play with them as a low lvl in pvp despiite our often extreme lvl differences
The whole idea of getting level 50 brackets is to stop lower levels getting destroyed by them. It's not fair. So no, you shouldn't be able to choose. Get your friends to play on an alt if you want to PvP with them.
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lebenharvest's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:04 AM | #509
Why remove companions.

Why equip companion with pvp gear if you cant use it in pvp.

If Anything take companions out of Duels. temp unsummon them

but leaving companions in would help with faction imbalance and your basically screwing off any solo players in world pvp if you remove them.

Unless your going to add an automatic grouping system. Removing companions is a lame idea. Who came up with that... Seriously.. Companions are already useless enough gah.

Level 50 bracket is a must and everyone knows it. It would have been a bad idea to start out with brackets because people level at different rates. Your plan to implement them at the right time Might go off without a hitch. cheers.
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Benets's Avatar

01.21.2012 , 08:42 PM | #510
And yet people forget some things. Pvp should be a dynamic situation. with this system with slow and roots all the time, the game's not dynamic as it should be.

You can get slowed all the time, 100% of time, this is stupid. i cant't even think why sombody think that's right.

It destory almost all of the dynamic of tactical movement in ppv., Once you're hit or aimed you cant do anything, you cant move, leap is too short, you got slow all the time.

Slow should have a higher cooldown, you shouldn't be able to use all the time, like 40 seconds cooldown, and plus the time of effect should be lower.

Whats the point of do pvp and can't move at all? This way this pvp game's will be the same thing wow pvp is, garbage.
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