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The wait for others to reach 50

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01.04.2012 , 03:39 PM | #11
I love people rushing to end game and then complaining that no one else is there with them 2 weeks after launch. I remember MMOs taking months to hit level cap, I'm 42 after 3 weeks of playing, and I certainly know I've been playing it waayyyy more then I should be.
The Dungeon Finder is a great idea, but that's not something that easy to implement. The logistics of it alone are a nightmare, let alone the actual coding to get people across servers together in the same place.
I'm on the fence about it myself... While it's a great idea and makes finding a group easier, it also kills my easiest method of recruiting people: Finding a PUG and recruiting the good players.

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01.04.2012 , 03:51 PM | #12
i'm level 34 and i've decided to make an alt to wait for people to level up more because i've been trying for a week now to get a group for Boarding Party.

it would appear there are more people from level 1-25 and 40-50 looking for flashpoints than the 30's range. it's strange.

so even though i'm not 50, i too must wait.

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01.04.2012 , 03:53 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragongit View Post
I suppose it verries from Server to server, but at the moment it feels like the game has sorta haulted at least for my main toon in terms of getting gear. While I'm hoping to do heroic Flashpoints, the LFG advertizement is for Esseles, and only Esseles.

I know I'm on an RP server, the Begeren Colony, but on average you'll get a lot of people who work towards max level. I was one of those people who pushed it, got myself to level 50 within the first two weeks of launch.

I just wish the game had itself a LFD finder ala Warcraft. Guess what, it worked for the game. People who played WoW, I hear saying that the system ruins the game... but here is the thing, if you are in the mood to do some progression on your main, most of your guild isn't past 40, and The Republic Fleet has about 1 other level 50; it would be nice to have an alternative option then spamming "LFG" for 4 hours with narry a response.

If we could que up with other servers at the same time, in order to get into Heroic Flashpoints, would make this much more streamline.Otherwise I'm in for more or less a month or two of waiting around. And don't give me that "you can always level up an alt in the meantime, that is what it's for" Yes I know, I am trying to anyway, but once they get to max level they will have the same problem.
why did you rush to level 50? is this your first mmorpg or something?

the exact same thing happens in every new mmorpg... people RACE LIKE HELL to max level and then complain because of the lack of content / nobody to group with...

the rest of the normal players who actually have lives, friends, family or all 3, are still enjoying the game at our own pace.
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