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What are your favorite planet questlines? (major spoilers)

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What are your favorite planet questlines? (major spoilers)

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01.04.2012 , 01:17 PM | #1
So I just reached 50 and I did almost all of the planet know the ones that lead you from quest hub to quest hub and have some consistent plot thread throughout the whole planet.

My experience is only from the Empire's perspective but I must say that Taris and Corellia were the best. Taris because of Thana fact that is the only character beyond my class quest's archenemy that I can remember the name of. She was a very cool character that kept popping up and the way the planet wraps up is great and gives you some real choice I think.

Coreilla I just thought was very epic. It starts off slowly but by the end of it you have triumphed for the empire and give these awesome speeches before the crowded, etc.

I can't even remember any of the other planets!

What were your favorites?