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No Nerfs needed - buffs are urgent!

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No Nerfs needed - buffs are urgent!

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01.24.2012 , 07:28 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Vektarulz View Post
you guys know when your 50 and can raid theres epic recipe drops right? just like wow..
Haven't seen a single epic in this game... artifacts on the other hand... ;-)

The longer I craft the less I like it.

On the plus side:
- The RE system, while tedious, really gives rewards. Discovering a purple earpiece, hearing that RE sound, this really feels like a first kill when you had your companion craft blues for hours and hours and all others running missions to feed them to him (yeah, maybe I should go farming more to speed that up).

- "you already know this" is a slap in the face
- mission selection is annoying
- farming nodes is tedious when 25 % of nodes are bugged and in the ground
- Buying daily mods really feels like "Damn... I should make these"
- Limiting crafting to raids is pointless. I don't want to raid if I want to craft. Just like raiders don't want to craft items to be able to raid.
- If highlevel crafting = raiding, then highlevel crafting =/= me. Can't leave work at 17:00 to play computergames. Sometimes I can, sometimes not, and sometimes I don't know that before 17:00.

And I don't even have to repeat all the stuff about not available high level items.
Thank god I am no Armstech.