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Really bad FPS with a high end PC.

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Really bad FPS with a high end PC.

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01.04.2012 , 06:44 PM | #31
SWTOR is not optimized for windows 7. Run it in XP SP3 compatibility mode, disable aero, you will probably notice a large improvement in speed with high graphics settings on.

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01.05.2012 , 05:11 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by BEViking View Post
Intel core i7 3930K (6 cores)
32 GB ram
Double GTX 580 cards in SLI
SSD harddrive
And a PSU powerful enough to make use of the stuff.

The max fps i get in game is 110 but it can drop down below 20 in cities.
In most fights i don't even have 40 FPS.
Running the newest drivers for the GFX, motherboard, hard drive controller etc.

1920x1080 and everything on max.
Doesn't matter if i play on 1280 x 1024 with everything on low, i still get fpsdrops.

Reinstalled the drivers, tried older versions of the gfx drivers.
Turned off SLI, put the game in fullscreen and windowed.
Doesn't really change stuff.

How can i make the game playable?
I have the same CPU as u.. (top notch), i can drop to 30fps in imperial fleet and down to 60fps~ in flashpoints..

Intel core i7 3930K (6 cores)
GTX 570
1800mhz ram (8 gig)
sabertooth x79 moderboard
ssd disc

But hey this game dont even have support for 4 cpu's so we're back in the 90's again!
It's a ****** optimized engine and that's why i dont play it anymore.

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01.05.2012 , 05:18 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Alkiii View Post
Either you have something seriously wrong going on with your setup or you're trolling. I'm sorry, but I'm going with the latter on this one.
Mate, you do realise he's not the only one with that problem?

Read this:

...and this:

...and this:

...and this:

...and this:

Still think he's trolling?

Oh, and btw:

Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez
Because this FPS issue is so varied, and any number of factors could affect it, it's taking a bit more time to investigate. At the moment, our developers are going over logs and are working on a more detailed blog post that we should be posting soon. Thanks again for your patience!

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01.05.2012 , 05:38 AM | #34
Nvidia Settings -> SWTOR profile -> Threaded Optimization = On

Try it, able to have 50+fps questing/outside by myself, but still having low fps on warzones/large populated areas "Fleet"

A bit off topic: If you spam ur bag, fps drops to 5..
PROTIP: LET US DESIGN OUR OWN UI OR KNOW HOW TO DESIGN A LEGIT WORKING UI. shouldn't have to stutter/lag when opening character pane / bags. Somebody needs to get fired at bioware.

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01.05.2012 , 05:44 AM | #35
I've got the same issue. My specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 955BE
AMD HD 5770
4 GIGS 1333MHz
120GB Intel SSD

Im running low settings @ 1920x1080 and getting 20 fps in the "Black Sun Territory" but everywhere else is fine. Just bought a 1155 mobo and a 2600k from amazon so as soon as UPS gets it here ill edit my post.

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01.05.2012 , 05:53 AM | #36
I don't have a very good machine but I am running completely fine when questing. My problem appears when I go into the Jedi Temple or in any populated area (I just bought the game yesterday and still below lvl 10).

It is almost unplayable in the JT.

I have a Nvidia GT 220m - are there any fixes? I have seen disabled VS - enable VS etc

I have put all my setting down to LOW in the game but still getting ridiculous FPS drop

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01.05.2012 , 06:07 AM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by akkarin_paspius View Post
I have put all my setting down to LOW in the game but still getting ridiculous FPS drop
I guess you tried turning shadows off already?

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01.05.2012 , 06:09 AM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by Khelien View Post
I guess you tried turning shadows off already?
This. The 'High' setting for shadow quality is a little wonky right now.

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01.05.2012 , 06:18 AM | #39
Quote: Originally Posted by steelfrog View Post
This. The 'High' setting for shadow quality is a little wonky right now.
"Low" does nothing too, lots of people report much better performance after turning them to OFF.

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01.05.2012 , 06:23 AM | #40
Heres my Rig

AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE 3.2Ghz
4GB DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaw X Series Ram
Aircooling systems
GTX 460 Gigabyte 1GB SE

Im running the game on high settings and shadows off. and im running 40-50 FPS at the fleet even when crowded, 80-90 in Warzones. sometimes 100 and usually 95-110 in most area's and lands. in Taris i was pushing 115

When i had shadows on, i was dropped to 60-100 sometimes in Taris. the game seems to have shadowing issues but those issues have been addressed and were seeing fix's slowly take place

I might also add that i run windows 7 32Bit

And i went to the following folder

Within the .INI file are multiple graphical options, before the latest patch, alot of options werent in this file that were meant to be, but now they communicate properly

I added the following option
AntiAliasingLevel = 4

And changed the following
TextureAnisotropy = 16
TextureAnisotropy = 4

By evening out the two biggest resource eating options on the graphical world, my fps jumped.

Whenever you set your graphics to high and click apply. this file changes
TextureAnisotropy = 16

and keeps at 16, thats AA/AF set to x16 turbo. most cards even today cannot handle that type of AA or AF and it will cause massive fps issues for alot of people. even on a super computer, AA and AF are still not 100%

Anyway. after all this, i changed the file to read only, and ive had no further fps issues, now i just have connection issues ~.~