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Heretic's Gunslinger Saboteur build (PvP/PvE)

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Heretic's Gunslinger Saboteur build (PvP/PvE)

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01.04.2012 , 09:05 AM | #1
Heretic's Guide to Saboteur Slinger || Sabslinger
Last Update 04/01/2012

Table of contents:

1 - Saboteur build explained
1.1 - Why do I have to choose that build?
1.2 - Sab Build vs SS & DF builds
2 - Abilities
2.1 - Key abilities
2.2 - Other useful abilities
2.3 - Sabslinger Skill Tree
3 - PvE like a True Sab!
3.1 - Key bindings
3.2 - PvE explained
3.3 - How to pWn Elite and Champions
3.4 - Flashpoints/Operations
4 - PvPing Your Way To Ownage
4.1 - Useful Skills & Key Bindings
4.2 - PvP explained
4.3 - Civil War
4.4 - Void Star
4.5 - Huttball
4.6 - Ilum & Open World PvP
By Heretic

Saboteur (Sab) Build Explained

1.1 - Why do I have to choose that build?

So you're reading my guide on how to become a Sab Slinger, but you aren't really convinced about choosing to go Sab? Well, you're reading the right paragraph.
Sab's build is one of the three way to go as a Gunslinger, and imho, is the best of the three indeed. I am going to explain why. Basically as a Sab slinger you're choosing an AoE (Area of Effect) approach to the game. You're not focusing an enemy, you're slaughtering everyone that stays in your way, while with other builds, you mainly focus an enemy and try to kill him before focusing another one.
You'll hear that the Sab build is not effective in PvP, that is a PvE build only, that is not viable in higher levels: don't hear such things, you'll be surprised by your damage output.
If I've not convinced you with those words above, give me another 2 minutes of your time and read the other paragraphs to hear what this build is meant for, and what it can do for you.

1.2 - Sab Build vs SS & DF builds

If you leveled your way as a Sharpshooter slinger as me, you probably know well the frustration of always being in cover, but you should also know your damage output: it's pretty nice!
It is different for a Dirty Fighter slinger because in the early levels you'll not see immediately those freaking numbers above monsters and players, you should focus on DoT (Damage over Time). Later, as you reach higher levels a Dirty Fighter slinger has it's own advantages and his DoT becomes impressive.
BUT, if you want to have FUN and to deal with mobs and players in a different and more enjoying way you should really try the Sab build. Even in lower levels the damage output is really high, giving the player a really nice experience.
At lower levels you should stay behind your cover to not get owned by mobs, but with your Thermal Grenaade, your Shock Charge, your Sabotage Charge and Quickshot you can virtually own everything.
The thing is: if you want an enjoyable, medium/high damage output, and a medium mobility build, then go Sab!


2.1 - Key Abilities

Let's focus on the key abilites that you get throughout your smugglin' journey.
The most important skills that keeps you alive are Thermal Grenade and Sabotage Charge. Right from the start of your leveling experience you should use those skills in the right manner.
However your Key abilities are:

- Thermal Grenade: with the reduced cooldown, given from the skill tree, is essential for a Sab Slinger, it can be used as an interrupt, as a killing blow... It's your bread and butter!

- Sabotage Charge: yes... Oh gosh... It deals a massive amount of damage since the beginning to an enemy. Used in conjunction of Speed Shot and Quick Shot becomes a very nice Burst.

- Shock Charge: it is a must! Use it with Vital Shot and then Detonate, when your energy is low to finish the cooldown on Cool Head.

- Cool Head: it simply makes you a war machine. Try to maximize it's effect by using it when your energy is low, between the first and the second bar. Refreshing it's cooldown with Detonate is a MUST.

- Pulse Detonator: it keeps melee and mobs away from you, so basically it's life.

- Speed Shot: using in conjunction with Sabotage Charge and Shock Charge gives you a devastating weapon against a "fat" enemy!

- Charged Burst: use it! Even if you're not a SS Slinger, you need it. Enter in cover, launch to the enemy a Sabotage Charge and then use Charged Burst, you'll see gigantic numbers floating upon the enemy's head.

2.2 - Other useful abilities

- Dirty Kick: yes you heard it right! Use it as a disabler.

- Aimed Shot: see hybrid Sab/SS Build.

- Quick Shot: if you used Sabotage Charge you can use Quick shot to activate all the charges.

2.3 - Sabslinger Skill Tree

Below you'll find my personal Sabslinger build, I named it the "Pure Sabslinger PvE/PvP"

Pure Sabslinger

This build is the one I'm using right now for both, PvE and PvP. It uses combos and inflicts a very nice DoT damage to kill the individuals, while with larger groups you can still use your Thermal Grenade to shut them down.

Sabshooter slinger

This build is meant to be less active and, usually in cover. It bursts out groups and individuals both, with Thermal Grenades, Quick Shot, Speed Shot and Aimed Shot, while in cover, it has got a very nice damage reduction.

DF/Sab slinger

DF/Sabslinger is a different build, more focused on PvP and higher damage.
It has got a pretty nice mobility and a nice defence and even nice interrupts, such as Thermal Grenade and Dirty Kick.

PvE Like a True Sab!

3.1 - Key Bindings

Key bindings is paramount to truly enjoy a Sabslinger.
I'll post some key bindings in the next few days.

3.2 - PvE explained

You can't enjoy a Sabslinger until you really understand how to use it properly.
Sab build and the other Hybrid Sab/SS and Sab/DF builds does have a core principle: AoE Damage.
You focus your attention on both, group and individuals, that's why you should put some effort to learn how and when to use your skills and your companions, but when you finally understand the sinergy between them, you have mastered the Sabslinger.
But let's go more in depth.
When you're facing a though enemy, use combos. Yes i said it! Combos.
You have a nice DoT skill that is Shock Charge, that used in conjunction with Vital shot, Sabotage Charge, Speed Shot and Detonate can do the highest damage you'll ever see from a slinger in no time. After that combo you'll have your Cool Head ready and you can fill your energy bar again. Take a look at the mini icons above the picture of the enemy because they tell you if the DoT is still there or if it is gone. In that case you might want to Shock Charge/Vital shot em again.
You'll also see that your Thermal Grenade has a tiny and nice cooldown, so use it in conjunction with your other skills to take mobs that sorrounds the toughest enemy down.
These are only few of the combo that you can learn with a Sabslinger, and you'll learn them by playing it and having fun!

3.3 - How to pWn Elite and Champions

Stuck on a Class mission because you cannot kill that freaking Elite?
Don't worry, everyone has experienced that.
To easily defeat an Elite enemy you have to check those three things:
  1. Have you upgraded your gear recently?
  2. Have you got your Skill Stim?
  3. Are you using the right approach to kill him?
If you don't upgrade your gear on a regular basis you'll fail! Use the commendation on each planet to buy powerful gear and/or modification or augment or craft them with your crew skills. That'sthe first thing!

If you can't make it use some Skill stim and Med Packs, and be sure to put a med pack in your hotkey list.

If that doesn't work, are you sure that you're using the right approach to kill the Elite/Champion?
Are you using the right Companion, and has he/she got a nice gear?
The general rule, however is to keep the enemy away from you and to use your combos. Try to take out the other mobs near the Elite with your Thermal Grenade and then focus the Elite. Use Bowdar to taunt them while you PwN them.

3.4 - Flashpoints/Operations

While the SS and the DF builds are pretty good in Flashpoints and Operations, Sabslinger is absolutely AMAZING!
Not only you'll use your AoE to take down the mobs, but you'll also support your Allies with your freaking and awesome Scrambling Field, which has also a diminished cooldown due to your skill tree... I will not enter too much into the details but by using combos and reducing the damage taken by you and your allies, you'll be welcome into every LFG broadcasted in General

PvPing Your Way to Ownage

4.2 - PvP explained

As a Sabslinger you'll probably rock in PvP warzones and in Open World PvP.
The key to understanding how to PvP efficently with a Sabslinger is this: you're not a melee, you are ranged.
Keep away from you your foes, use your Flash Grenade to stop them, harrass them with your Sabotage Charge/Speed Shot combo and your Thermal Grenade. If there's an Healer you should focus him. Take down the healer, then focus the others.
If you're sorrounded use Pulse Detonator, then try to stop some of them with your Dirty Kick and Flash Grenade, run away get in cover, Shoot!
Avoid shooting to Tanks, you'll fail. Focus the squishy, and own them, after that stun the tank and wait for a backup.

4.3 - Civil War

I've seen many and many more slingers trying to make their best on this warzone, still, they suck.
However the only thing that a Gunslinger should do is win a battle (usually Mid or right) and then defend.
While slaying some enemies is great, the purpose of this map is different: you should hold more points than the opponent team, so stick with it.
Being a Sabslinger means that you can interrupt every Sith that is trying to capture a point with a Thermal Grenade on his/her head. When a fight occours and there are more than 4 opponents enter in COVER and use Scrambling Field to support your allies and, if you have nice mates, you'll probably win the fight.
If mid is crowdy DO NOT try to take it, insted drive away the attention of the enemy team by attacking a side they own and try to take it, if you see that every foe man is coming to cut your head and that mid is left alone SAY IT TO YOUR TEAM, to make them capture MID point. YOU SHALL COOPERATE TO WIN!

4.4 - Void Star

Attacker: Stay behind your allies and shoot the hell out of them. Try to stop the enemies with your incapacitating grenades, and if you can kill them. DO NOT focus Sith Juggernauts, instead focus healers and disablers. Support Allies with your Scrambling Field and KILL!

Defender: That's the interrupt fest. Do not stay between enemies, and try to stay out of the fight, hide yourself and snake out to SLAY and stop them with an AOE.

4.5 - Huttball

There's nothing better than the pit to slay some Siths!
There are some peculiar things to do in the Pit to being a good Huttball player. First things first.
Thou shalt not targeting everyone. You should target, stun and kill only the player with the ball. That being said, you should also kill the players that are protecting the ball possessor.
Do not stuck yourself in minor fights. You should only be engaged in important fight. Use the ambiental objects when you can, throw people in the acid pool or put them on fire... That's all.
Heretic (Sabslinger) - Nightmare Lands

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01.04.2012 , 10:44 AM | #2
Thanks for taking the time to post this.

I haven't had a chance to try out Saboteur but have been tempted to lately. Maybe I'll try this one out and let you know the results!

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Quote: Originally Posted by McVade View Post
Every time I get force charged/rooted/knocked off the bridge in Voidstar, I want to tear off my shirt, grab my supple manboobs and shriek.

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01.04.2012 , 11:01 AM | #3
How do you get shrap bomb from any of those builds?

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01.04.2012 , 11:11 AM | #4
I think you mean Shock Charge instead of Shrap Bomb, no?

Thanks for the post, nice to see more Sab lovin'

I like the Sab/SS Hybrid build; I'm looking at something similar myself although I'm only lvl 20 so far. Look forward to seeing your keybinding as I'm experimenting with a few variations myself.
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01.04.2012 , 11:44 AM | #5
What about stats? Crit or Power?

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01.05.2012 , 01:16 AM | #6
Very Nice ill be sure to try.

But my question is why no incendiary grenade?

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01.05.2012 , 05:01 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by poetpvp View Post
What about stats? Crit or Power?
Cunning, absolutely! Right now I'm trying to raise my Critical ratio and it sounds pretty good to me.
Still, you should see what it fits best to your playstile, if you want to crit a lot, I suggest you to choose the Sabshooter build as it'll be very funny to play it

EDIT: I'm writing some general guidelines for PvPing with a Sabslinger so, Stay Tuned!

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01.05.2012 , 05:04 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Hereticita View Post
Cunning, absolutely! Right now I'm trying to raise my Critical ratio and it sounds pretty good to me.
Still, you should see what it fits best to your playstile, if you want to crit a lot, I suggest you to choose the Sabshooter build as it'll be very funny to play it
Holly crap man! This tree rocks!

What is your rotation? x)

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01.05.2012 , 05:21 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by SethLightheart View Post
Very Nice ill be sure to try.

But my question is why no incendiary grenade?
I found that Incendiary Grenade is only effective in PvE, mainly because it sets an area on fire, so mobs will stay there and die, while players will run away and probably enter in melee range.
That's the main reason.

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01.06.2012 , 06:25 AM | #10
But you dont have Shrap Bomb in your Pure build... how does that work then?