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Voss story mistakes? (spoilers)

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Voss story mistakes? (spoilers)

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01.03.2012 , 11:58 PM | #1
So I am playing a Jedi Knight, I went through my class quest on the planet while dabbling in side quests. In my main quest, we defeat Sel-ma Kor? Not sure if that is the correct spelling, in other words an entity that lives inside voss. Point is, its dead.

I then go to do the dark crystal quest and follow that line, and end up fighting and avatar of this same guy, my character having no apparent understanding of a monster (that he just got done helping defeat mind you) and the only 3 options I have all involve me asking who/what Sel-ma Kor is.

Then the boss I have to fight is apparantly powered up by his 'master' yet, I still have already killed this master.

So despite having completed defeating said monster, my character has no idea it even existed and apparantly its still influencing the enemies I am fighting in a quest line.

Think this is quite a huge over-sight on Bioware's part. Its like in Oblivion when you would already be the Arch-Mage, then go on a quest to steal from the arch-mage so you can blackmail... yourself into doing something etc. Its terribly immersion breaking and seems like a pretty noteworthy deal since Story is supposed to be this game's main focus.
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01.04.2012 , 12:02 AM | #2
Yea, Ive noticed in a few places the General quests do not take into account class quests at all.

Its a bit of a let down really.