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78 bugs/issues + concerns (3-day period)

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78 bugs/issues + concerns (3-day period)

Kaphik's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 11:45 AM | #141
I got 99 problems but a bug ain't one. We do need a Bug Report forum though.

Oosh's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 07:34 AM | #142
Any solution to the bug with Master Cerik?

Vastalee's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 08:08 AM | #143
Hello all,

We do appreciate and encourage constructive feedback of all kinds, both positive and negative. There are a couple of threads we have that are great places to give your thoughts and opinions on bugs and suggestions of features you would like to see in game. We are going to close this thread and encourage you to add your constructive feedback to one of the following threads:

The Ultimate Bug List
The Suggestion Compilation

Thank you for understanding!