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Lore Question: The Sith

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01.03.2012 , 06:56 PM | #1
So, I have a question regarding the Sith Empire in the Old Republic. Maybe someone can offer some insight or perhaps Daniel Erickson will even grace us with his presence. :0
Anyway, here it goes.

So, in the most recent Galactic Timeline holo-record concerning the Great Hyperspace War, it shows the Sith Empire fighting the Republic. Every single being it shows as a member of the Empire is a red-skinned Sith.

At the end of the video, it talks about the remnants of the Sith Empire fleeing (lead now by the Sith Emperor) to Dromund Kaas to rebuild. Alright, cool.

But then in the next (or previous) video, the one titled "Rebirth of the Sith Empire", it suddenly shows bazillions of Humans acting as troops and force-wielders under the Empire and says the red-skinned Sith are extinct.


So, we went from nothing but red-skinned Sith, to nothing but Humans and a handful of Human/Sith hybrids (Sith Purebloods).
This is also very apparent in the game. There are nearly no red-skinned Sith left in the Empire and instead it is comprised primarily of Humans. With Biritsh accents.

Where'd all these Humans come from? What happened to the red-skinned Sith that fled to Dromund Kaas under the Emperor?
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01.03.2012 , 07:36 PM | #2
By the end of The Great Hyperspace Wars there existed several classes of Sith.
- Dark Jedi Warriors -- masters over the true blooded Sith who became their mortal gods.
- Hybrid Sith -- Half human half true Sith.
- Pureblood Sith -- Obviously, pure Sith.

So what changed this? Time mostly. We aren't talking decades here, we are talking centuries. Interbreeding starting to blur the line between the bloodlines, also many of the enslaved Purebloods were later taken to Yavin and turned into monsters by some sinister Sith Lords. You were left with very few True Sith left and quite a few ruling Dark Jedi pure humans, with a mixture hybrids that looked more human than Sith.

Also, this is still before they began conquering forgotten outer rim worlds full of humans and non-humans alike.
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01.03.2012 , 08:04 PM | #3
The Sith guys we see in the game are not actually pureblooded too. 98% of imperial population has sith genes, the red-skinned humanoids are just the closest there is to a true sith.