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Voss Quests

sokedici's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 05:59 PM | #1
Hello.I've been leveling really nice since I start this game.However,yesterday, I came to Voss. I was level 42 when I came here if i'm not wrong.Did some quests and went to Shad-Ka Outpost last night.I was level 44 when I got there. I picked up quests and they're all level 47 quests. All elite mobs are level 47-48 in these quests and there's no way I kill those things. Tried every companion, every cooldown,every CC available, every consumable and it's just impossible...Now I'm stuck and can't get levels. What should I do now? Doing flashpoints are an option but I never find people to do flashpoints.. PvP is another option but comparing to questing, it'll take so so much time. I know that sounds like "qq" but I really can't do anything right now. I don't have quests for other planets so there's nowhere to go. What should I do?

P.S : If you're gonna say: LEARN YOUR CLASS BLABLABLABLA, please stay away, seriously.This is nothing about knowledge of class.

madmikeMB's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 06:12 PM | #2
Did you do all the missions on Belsavis. If not they might still be green for you so they would still yield some XP and you could run through all the quests there and hopefully get yourself another level or two. Otherwise you're probably stuck doing PVP, flashpoints, and space mission dailies like you said

sokedici's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 06:17 PM | #3
I've 3 quests left in belsavis.They're all green and heroic quests, again i must say this : finding people (at least in my server) is really hard for quests and flashpoints.I haven't seen bonus quest series in belsavis i'm pretty desperate.i'll do those quests too but i don't think i'll be able to level up to 46 tho thanks for reply

Exvind's Avatar

01.23.2012 , 06:18 PM | #4
Go to the Fleet. There will be an NPC requesting help on Alderaan. It will say it's a level 34 quest, but in actuality it begins the level 40+ Bonus Series. It caught me off guard, but that's your missing link.

hokys's Avatar

01.23.2012 , 06:22 PM | #5
well u are saying that u whent to voss when u were still lvl 42 the starting lvl of voss is 44 so it's not so strange that u hit this kind of a problem