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Easy and Necessary Changes

far_sharper's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 02:18 PM | #1
I was playing this game a lot in beta and I was expecting a lot of these things to be fixed before the game was released because they're relatively simple but it would make a lot of things easier for all of us.
This isn't a QQ list and I'm not un-subbing, this is to finese the gameplay experience:

- Signs: Mouseover signs to show name/location/direction. It's quite easy to get lost and resorting the planetary map is getting annoying. I spend most of my time like a lost tourist in Disneyland with my map always opened. I want to navigate the roads with signs rather than "GPS" sorry if I'm oldschool.

- Vendor/Market Sorting : The sort by 'Quality, price, usable" is not enough options. The "usable" option is broken atm, I cannot use Heavy/Medium Armor and I don't want to buy it or see it. The Galactic Market is too much effort to use. I find it too difficult to search for blue quality, light armor bracers. Right now I have to use name filter and guess "bracer' "wrist" or "wraps" in hopes of an item will share that keyword.

- Commendation Vendors : First, the PVP Vendors - I'm not sure what those tiny little icons are, it would be nice if you could mouse-over the commendation icon and it shows the name. Second, add a button "Do you wish to buy ___" because I have accidentally purchased items I was just trying to view in the dressing room and therefore waste commendations. I've also experienced "double buying" items when lagging.

- Tab-Targeting : Make it smarter by options like this 1) prioritize targets directly in front of character and 2) make it auto-skip CC'd targets (whirlwind/force lifted targets)

- Companions/Droids : Option to minimize or disable their dialogue, it's obnoxiously repetitive. Remove the "chat bubble" icon when you mouse-over them entirely. I'm constantly trying to click loot or mission items and they run in the way of my mouse all the time and then I'm stuck listening to their jibberish one-liners. At first it's okay, now it's annoying as hell.

- Companion Quest Reward Armor : I think it would be smarter if you upgraded all of your companions armor per quest reward. Instead of choosing one "Companion A's Good Body Armor" it should give you everyone's. The items are only green so it's not a loot overload, but right now the system forces you to pick a favorite companion. I like playing with each of my companions to change the pace but it's entirely too expensive to gear up 4+ companions. Lower the vendor value of the greens to compensate for getting 4 items, and maybe have an auto-equip feature for them too.

- Mailbox : Don't send me a preliminary message saying I sold an item on the Market, just give me my money and message all in one.

- PVP Warzones : Lots can be fixed here, but I think the most important one is balancing the classes that enter. I've played in many warzones where 3/4 players are Sith Inquistor or Jedi Consular. Auto-assigning 7-8 SI's to the same team normally results in a losing team. I realize that these classes are highly populated but it would help that balancing issue too.

Just some thoughts I've had, cheers