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Pre-order not working

JanigNar's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 10:37 PM | #11
Is english your second language? Because what you have stated is that there is no early access and I have to wait for the release of the game.

You posted."Please try again when the game is actually released on Dec 20th 2011 "

If that is true. Then a lot of people wasted money for early access. How am I misunderstanding your reply?

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12.13.2011 , 10:43 PM | #12
"Everyone's pre-order code is no longer on their account because they probably already know who is going into what batch. As of this week, that pre-order code isn't going to mean much. The reason it says you have no active subscription is because you have not been tagged to join in on the Early Access. But be patient young padawan, your time will come (FYI, my hubby didn't get the email at all but he logged in at the start of early access this morning and it worked. They said to try that, so don't just rely on waiting for an email ) "

Same thing happened to two of my friends today that pre-ordered the same time as me. They just logged right in with no prob. A third friend who just pre-ordered last week just did the same thing by just logging on with no problems. No email, just logged on.

Yet here I am with nothing to show except an account that keeps getting locked and other people trying to insult me because they can't help. Although you seem to be the one that can relate to what I am saying. Thank you.