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Does anyone remember Afterlife?

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Does anyone remember Afterlife?

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12.13.2011 , 09:40 PM | #1

It was a LucasArts simulation game back in the 90s. It was around the same time as SimCity 2000 so was very similar as far as play style. Basically, you were the local deity of a planet "far far away, but not so long long ago" (quoted from the manual), and you were in charge of Heaven and Hell of that planet.

Your bosses were The Powers That Be and you got paid in the form of Pennies from Heaven. For every soul that entered your afterlife, you got paid. If you didn't provide the proper number of rewards or punishments for your souls, they would become Lost Souls and you would lose your Pennies. Unless of course you build a Limbo Bar for them to drink beer until you provided their final destination.

For me, the most memorable part of the game were the funny descriptions of the Rewards and Punishments, especially the hell punishments:

"Taco Hell": Everything is fire hot, the food, the drinks, even the napkins are so hot they catch on fire. Don't forget to try the hot sauce, which is also too darn hot.

"Faux Heaven": Faux heavens are just like the real heaven...except they suck!

Also memorable were the Disco Inferno, your planet's population increasing if you increase the "lust" sin, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso. Just to name a few
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