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Tips on Hard Mode Esseles

Arcasiel's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 09:37 PM | #1
So 3 other friends and I just hit 50 and we decided to try out HM Esseles and pretty much got rocked during the first boss and just gave up. Our composition is follows:

Guardian Tank
Vanguard Tank
Sentinel DPS
Scoundrel Heals -> Me

Now I have an idea what some of the answers are gonna be, but just a short description on what was going on, our main tank, guardian tank, would pick up the boss and have him turned, but it would always end up he's taking too much damage from the stockstrike, the boss turning and spraying at the group or not dps'ing the adds fast enough because a few of them would end up aggro'ing onto me and a combination of the other 2 would occur while the tank tries to pick them back up.