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Finding groups for heroics and flashpoints is rediculously HARD

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Finding groups for heroics and flashpoints is rediculously HARD

DeathDiciple's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 04:16 PM | #91
Well maybe its 'side' maybe its server thing. From what I saw, its pretty easy to get into FPs - granted i do spend some time a day on fleet for crafting reasons, but whenever I feel like running fps (around decent time) someone quickly pops a lfg in general that is around my lvl range. I do not think they last too long either. At 'dead hours' is different story but that is always the case.

Heroics are hit and miss tho. Some are fun, some are built... well, let me say that some Tatooine ones take like 5 minutes to complete, even if it took 5 minutes to fill the group would it be worth the effort? So no, I am not likely to run all across the bloody desert planet just to finish it up, and i believe others are in the same boat. Now that I know what they look like, there is little incentive to do it unless you're grouped already and clearing quests in the zone. If you find me running around said heroic zone soloing and whisper however I am likely to join up.

Overall tbh I am a bit disappointed they have not put more effort into making them longer/more fun. But its just an opinion. Flashpoints were written better (haven't reached the buggy endgame ones yet tho).

As for whisper vs general, I have nothing against whisper (as stated above), as long as it is decent English sentence, if anything you'd get a polite decline as soon as I can answer. General is fine if its not spam every 2 seconds or 2 lines of all caps for no apparent reason (or both), now that's plain annoying. Yes, other people are chatting in general, and no you're not more important than everyone else to yell.

On a slightly different note, game does need DoNotDisturb flag/anon flag of sorts - not playing a healer right now, but it can be a bit annoying if you can't get yourself out of who list while waiting for someone/something.

AceRikkus's Avatar

03.17.2012 , 11:04 PM | #92
I have played on Sith Side and have relatively little trouble finding a group for HM's when I party with a friend who is a healer, ( I tank) but I have started some new republic characters and the population difference does worry me some. The empire fleet has about 120 people on at peak times on Daragon Trail, sometimes more. The Republic fleet at the same time has around 30 people so it does seem like it will be harder to form a group for hard modes.

I do understand the fear of adding a LFG dungeon finder tool which did eliminate the painful process of finding a group on low pop servers that WOW went with, but it also made the encounters much more trivial. Most of the time you never spoke with the people you were running heroics with so you never built any lasting friendships or associations. I think maybe the LFG Dungeon Finder tool was overall a good idea though with maybe a few improvements. I think having the option for cross server partying in low population servers is a must, but instead of just throwing people together arbitrarily I would suggest some sort of pop up list that lets you see all the players flagged for LFG on every server. Then allow players to invite or whisper those players and then form groups to do HM's. Im not sure how difficult such a system would be to implement but I would prefer it that way. In a sense you allow people the benefit of the Cross Server Population but still give them the freedom to choose who they want for there group instead of being thrown together like WoW did. With such a system I would be able to meet someone from another server and add them to my friends list to form a party next time if I liked having them in my group or on the opposite side, if I hated someone I could choose not to invite them to my group next time.

Elyssandra's Avatar

03.19.2012 , 12:25 AM | #93
Quote: Originally Posted by Fizil View Post
For the people who don't understand WHY whispering someone who is not tagged as LFG is rude, let me take you back to the days of early WoW, as a level 60 Priest.
So yes, it might seem that politely asking someone not tagged as LFG if they want to do something may not SEEM rude, you have to look at it from their point of view. For highly sought after roles like tanks and healers: You are NOT the only one asking them for help. With a large server pop they are getting constant streams of whispers.

I usually play a healer. Here's my point of view:

No I'm not offended if anyone whispers me politely.
If I feel like doing X or needed to do X, then it's a bonus.
If I didn't, but feel like helping someone out, I will.
If I cannot or don't want to, a simple "sorry not at the moment" is all the response that's needed.
If I am otherwise engaged and too busy to respond then I won't.
But then again... I'm a friendly person.

I don't fly into animal rage at simple requests or communication from other people.