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What about tank aggro

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01.03.2012 , 04:41 AM | #31
I really like tanking here. I hate when people won't target the same mob on group pulls as someone is getting faceplanted for it. Force Smash on CD will hold healing aggro off just fine when used with the guardian shield but dps that goes all Rambo on your ***** by taking random mobs will pull them off you quick and fast.

My issue is rounding up all the ranged mobs and trying to keep them together but that will be easier as I get better with the class.

What I would love to see is the target of target while tanking. I know you can use alt T to actually target the target but I've not seen how to just display this.

Really, if dps targets the tank and hits alt-t (I'm pretty sure that's it) to get the target the tank is building threat on and the tank shields the healer, it's pretty easy to keep them together with your limited aoe stuff.

Of course, most of the dps actually reading the forums will understand this and the ones that need this don't read forums...

On another note, those keen pet taunts that keep aggro off your squishy ***** while going solo should be turned off when grouped with a tank. I finally stopped taunting off corso riggs and his stupid chain jerking taunt crap and let him die; real easy to hold aggro then.

tl;dr...give the tank a sec to round those guys up; target off the tank for the dps; turn that $hit off your pets; profit!

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01.03.2012 , 05:33 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by ToHiForAFly View Post

Lvl 21 now, done my fair share of flashpoints and HC quests. The tank ALWAYS seems to lose their aggro, resulting in me, a healer getting attacked. I've almost got all the points for aggro reduce, and still, the tank always seems to lose aggro.

What is the problem in this? Are all the tanks just generally stupid or do they need a buff?
Threat in this game is very random. Your tank needs to be very alert because aggro drops seems to be pretty common. I have a lvl 50 shadow tank. I have done just lots of HM. For trash If there is say 2 groups of 2-3 mobs ill charge in aoe the first then move to the second. At that point the first group will drop aggro and attack who ever. I am not sure if this is intended but it get rather annoying I feel like a chicken with his head cut off sometimes.

Personally Its best for the tank to pick up anything strong and up all normal mobs should be burnt down ASAP by dps dont forget cc then everyone moves on to strongs and elites. That is how I see trash pulls working ATM.

Hope this helps

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01.03.2012 , 06:46 AM | #33
most of the people that consider themselves as tank, cant even play tank. Thats probably why they allways loose their aggro.

I am dps specced as inquisidor assassin but i often will have to change to tank stance since the real tank cant do it properly.

Lots of people playing this game are new to mmo's so its not unexpected

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01.03.2012 , 06:53 AM | #34
Tanks have 50% more threat based on their damage in this game, except some skills that generates huge aggro such as Taunt. Many people are so accustomed to WoW which grants 400% of aggro at this moment. Basically, your tank generate approximately 3 times less threat than WoW... So, aggro spike from multiple linked group is not a surprise and is not lack of tanking skill especially on lower levels when nobody has complete skill and talent set.

As a healer, being selective to who gets heals usually helps. If a DPS is pulling massive aggro before your tank start aggro job, as usual, let him die. It's better to leave that DPS without being healed rather than wasting your resource which also result losing the crazy DPS, along with other legit members, including tank. Once that AOE-holic DPS dies, his targets usually keep healer in the second slot in their aggro table. Of course, in this case, tank can use Taunt skill but limited to single enemy in lower levels.

Also, even though tank uses AOE skill to get initial aggro, it can be overwhelmed by healing aggro since taking multiple gold or silver results massive damage. All the tanks have damage reduction skills for this situation but sometimes they are not enough. In this case, as always, proper crowd controlling and coordination is required. As far as I know, Sage/Sorcerer has 1 min universal CC with 1 min of cooldown, Scoundrel/Operative has 1 min CC which only works out of combat as well as 1 min droid CC without CD, Commando/Mercenary has CC skill similar to Sage/Sorcerer ones. As always, its better to fight against many than a couple of opponents.

I also agree that WoW ruined the concept of teamwork element. Horrible gear progression design trivialized heroic 5 man contents. The heroics shouldn't have been faceroll even with top tier raid gears if they were planning to cater the mass with end game raid gears so easily.