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For people getting issues on evga 570,580,590

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For people getting issues on evga 570,580,590

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01.02.2012 , 01:25 PM | #1
For folks that have issues with framerates or stuttering and have evga video cards do your self a favor get msi afterburner, sadly evga precision doesn't let you do that 1 thing, and if your default gpu voltage is somewhere around 1013 mV bring it up to at least 1070 mV. I personally use 1150 mV or 1.150 V for my gpu.(with every 10 mV you should in general test stability so i just give rough numbers here 1100 mV or 1.1 V should be another good settings to start with)
Originally this was solution for dx11 games with tesselation such as crysis 2 and deus ex human revolution which for me blotted that accursed nvidia driver and crashed consistently any software that ran on dx11 while dx9 software like witcher 2 which is more taxing then dxhr was perfectly fine with rock solid fps.
I already ran into a few folks that complained about fps on high end evga cards and increasing gpu voltage solved fps hick ups for them.
Just a friendly reminder for all evga users. Evga hardware is very very friendly when it comes to oc, its as stable as it gets when you squeeze everything out of it. But if you don't give your gpu enough power while your vram is getting heavily loaded it will create problems. It doesnt matter if its evga or not, nvidia or radeon it will cause problems.

And I do love biowares.... epic game engine... *cough*....
at the fleet... gpu load >>>>>3%<<<<< video mem in use ~700mb... 20 fps.