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User Interface needs some TLC

evilgto's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 01:03 PM | #1
I hate to nit pick.. but the UI is terrible.. honestly i am playing the game because i enjoy it so far. BUT that will change at endgame when the story is not such a big part of the game.

1) not able to customize.. what is this apple? why cant we move our bars, or change the scale, or hide bars, auto hid bars.. things like that
2) clunky.. this thing feels clunky as hell if you lock the bar you cant do anything with it without unlocking (no control hotkey like an mmo that shall not be named) to let you move things without having to unlock the entire bar, its slow to respond, actions that get canceled continue to show a cast bar about 50% of the time (happens to me with Ravage all the time), some skills (retaliation, and blade ward) fail to respond at all.. sometimes just jerking around like its trying but not doing any thing... and so on
3) looks ugly.. (sorry just does)
4) 3 buttons for companions? ***? why not a pet bar or something like that
5) I have far more skills that i use pretty regularly than are available for my 2 bars at the bottom
6) Ugly

Anyone with me on this? i mean seriously.