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Weapon loses all mods after transfering from another weapon.

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Weapon loses all mods after transfering from another weapon.

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01.02.2012 , 01:03 PM | #1
I removed all the mods from a pistol in order to place them on another pistol which had no mods at all. It cost me 1700 credits per mod to take them from the weapon and put them in my inventory. I then placed them from the inventory into the new gun and clicked apply. The gun showed all the new stats correctly and I equipped in order to go off adventuring.
The next time I click on my character sheet and happen to mouse over the new gun I notice that it is empty of all mods. I searched my inventory, my bank, and the gun which originally had them for the mods but to no avail. They simply vanished from the game after being succesfully transferred to a different weapon.
This seriously sucks because I spent 14 Taris commendation getting the pistol with the mods (which is level 36) and there is nothing of comparable power even at level 38. I have 1 Taris commendation left so I can't replace it. I have to go pick up whatever I can scrounge of the GTN to replace my weapon.