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Birth of the Lord of Fire

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01.02.2012 , 12:19 PM | #1
Just a glimps of what i have written down as a hobbie work

It was hot, the sky was full of black clouds shining with lightings that seemed rather unnatural.. The pair struggle to not fall into the lava whilst fighting each other on the few parts of the mountainius terrain that allowed them to walk on, ash explosions were around them everywhere..

His apprentice hatred had now entered a state where his anger and hatred was so great that he could barely hold him back, his former master grew more and more desperate trying to avoid his enemys dual lightsabers intense blows and hold him off for a little longer, his Soresu form mastery had proven capable for hours of fighting, but now began to grow tired and the fact that his former apprentice's rage had steadily build up more and more over time did not help him, his apprentice Juyo form were masterfull.

Cyan blade crossed with one red and orange blade, the master had got in a few hits on his former apprentice but failed to injure him due to his quick use of his immense mastery of force absorbation that protected him from not only the surrounding heat but also from lightsaber blows, he could only try not to get hit and survive, hoping that he can hold him off.

The master jumped high, really high to an enourmus cliff rising over the lava flood, his apprentice followed, suprising him a couple of seconds later but gave him valueable seconds to rest to continue to fight, blocked and counter blows fell rapidly and they reached the peak, his former apprentice jumped behind him, and they locked blades.

''You will pay for killing my family! You destroyed everything i held in love!
''I did not kill them! I tried to save them from the explosion! Someone has set me up, Listen!''
After dealing several blows they finaly locked blades once again.

''I saw you were the only person there, it cannot have been anyone else!''
''Let me prove myself innocent!''
''I will hunt you down to the end of time, prison will not be enought you WILL PAY!''

Tears fell from his masters eyes. He kicked his apprentice back several meters, making him drop his lightsabers into the lave, and deactivated his own lightsaber.

''I can't reason with you, i understand the pain of yours, but feeding on your hatred is consuming you, i sense you struggle against it, even in you state where your eyes is allmost burning because of your hatret towards me. I want to help you, not destroy you, nor anything else you hold dear!''


''I don't know what hologram you are talking about, the ones in your parents surrounding area never shown me nor with any device capable of causing the explosion, if it was me someone would have noted by this time!''

His apprentice mind were in chaos, feelings rushed all over him, doupt and anger, in all of this someone whispered in his mind that he will be weak, a coward for not taking revenge for his family. He hesitated, he did not know where to listen to his masters words or the voice in his mind. The voice then said..

''If you doupt the evidence of the hologram, you are denying the truth and as well denying your familys death their rightfull justice, kill him and make him pay.. Be a man..''

He then couldn't hold his tears, which were becoming clouds like water being poured on hot rock.

''Let me help you, let me prove i did not murder them, let me help you give your family's justice by finding out who murdered them!''

The voice: ''Weakling..''
''It is not to late to turn back and restore what you have caused, i sense there is hope for you, there is allways!''

Then the tears stopped. Now he deicided.

''Now murderer, you will fall!''

Screaming in rage, he ran towards his master to tear him apart but his master kicked him back, causing him to roll over the edge, he gripped on a rock in the last moment. Now hanging there, and totaly exhausted, he couldn't jump up, and the rock were starting to get more and more cracks due because it was not a solid stone but a harder one made of ash, he would fall down in seconds. Anger at last consumed him.

''I will return from this, i will survive somehow, and get more powerfull than ever, and i will hunt you down.. You will not be able to hide anywhere, not you, nor the other jedi, run your coward.. For in the end, your heart shall be stabbed by my blade..''

His eyes began to glow with dark energy. His master stood there, not able to get him him up even if he could, deicided the dark side will do whatever it will wish with him.

''You were my greatest student, ever since i began to train you i have allways been proud of you, but now for at least one time in my life, i have failed. Failed to rescue you.. This Sith who i now understand have obviously corrupted you runs somewhere in the galaxy, laughing against you, manipulating you, if you truly wish to go your path, then i cannot save you. I leave the dark side to deicide your fate.. I hope that maybe one day, if we meet again, that i will be able to save you from this path.. Good bye, old friend..''

His apprentice grip started to slip.

''I will get you some day..''

They stare into each others eyes. His old master bent down, reaching his hand giving him the chance to survive. His apprentice looked at his hand, then turned around to stare at the lava like if he was deiciding something. Then he turned back and looked him in the eyes one last time.

''You disgust me..''

He slung himself from the cliff falling several hundred meters down to the lave below them, not breaking their eye contact while falling. Both started to cry.

''Forgive me..'' said his master.

In the last seconds before reaching the lava his tears became smoke and fire erupted from his eyes, reflecting the power of the dark side he now possessed and his vast hate.
Then he fell into the lava, but he protected himself with his absorbation powers, his clothes burned quickly but he took no damage, sinking slowly down, he gave his master a glimps the most hatefull staring he have ever seen, then he sunk down.

In tears, the master turned back, walking to the ship. The lightning strikes increased, as if something terribly had happend.
All while he was flying away in his ship he felt his apprentice still lived but was under constant figthing to remain alive while in the lava. His ship disappeared from visible sky.

The apprentice had now sinked down to the bottom. His hate was vast, and rage unending, he couldn't swim up, nor could he jump up. His absorbation abilities were fading and he sensed the heat more and more increasing. He grew desperate. A voice spoke to him.

''Become one with it, will you let the coward win? Let go and become one with it..''

At that moment, he started to stop absorb the heat and instead let himself melt, now he felt a pain no man could possibly endure, but in a second he channeled his rage to incridible levels, wowing he will survive if he so have to be destroyed. His rage in combination with the dark side and his intense absorbation started to manipulate his surrounding to flow into him, his body cells began to burn, his flesh melted and his heart turned to a melting crystal, his eyes lit in flames, his skin turning to ash, and he screamed in pain and anger. His Sith master had arrived to the planet, the sky was turning into a storm of intense magnitude, reflecting that something terrible is happening. His Sith master had walked for an half hour to the place where the apprentice and his former master had fought, and the lava had rosen up to the edge.

He laughed with a deep voice, it was an unnatural laugh, and he seemed not to care about the heat, his ancient armour looked like a nightmare.

''Now, where are you my apprentice?''

In a second, a fist hit up from the lava, streching out, it was made of lava and was burning intensly, it then closed as if it tried to crush something, the surrounding erupted, the lava flood exploded, dust were around the Dark Lord, and he smiled inside his black helmet. Now in front of him, a humanoid figure walked up towards him, the former apprentice was no longer a human, he looked like he was made of lava and flames, inside the lava was a black shade depicting a skeleton made of hardened ash, as if it had replaced or being made after his former skeleton had melt down and somehow retained form, and red flames erupted around him, reflecting his endless rage. He bow down to his master. And a terrible deep and angered voice began to speak from the apprentice.

''Master, i have failed.''
''No you didn't, you have archived what few Sith Lords have obtained: immortality, and the power to control fire and magma. You don't need to sleep, not eat, you cannot die by normal means and i sense you have grown more powerfull than ever!''
''I cannot sense anylonger, no possitive feelings, i can't sense love, regret, nothing, only hate and rage..''
''Let your hate guide you, and your rage strengten you, for you have a long journey before you.. I hearby declares you Darth.. Phyre..''
''Yes.. My master.''
''Rise, Darth Phyre, and take these blades..''
He took the blades and ignited them, they had lava crystals inside them and assembeled lava in their ignited form. He deactivated them. Then he fell down on his knees as if he were in great pain. Coughing and burning intense.
''Raaaah this pain!''
''It is the pain of your addiction, you must feed on suffering and the force, expecily from those beings that are force sensetive, but be warned that i will crush you if you ever tries to use your powers against me, you may be powerfull but you are still nothing compared to my powers, obay my every command and i will see to it that your addiction will be satisfied, strengtening you and ensure you will get your well deserved revenge, not only against your former master, but also against the republic..''
''Yes, the republic will pay, i shall burn all the worlds in the galaxy..''
He held up his fist closed and his body flames became intense in rage.

''Your journey has just began..''

The Dark Lord began to laugh manicaly, it echoed around them.. And Darth Phyre stare down into his burning hands and for a moment was thinking if he had made the right choice.


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01.03.2012 , 12:04 PM | #2
What do you others thinks? I'am not English native and may not have written the way it should have been organized or anything or made some minor grammar faults but other than that this doesn't sound to bad from a story point of view right?